The Boys Who Challenged Hitler Brekken jackson

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

1. Phillip Hoose graduated from Yale.

2. He was born in South Bend, Indiana.

3. He attended Indiana University.

4. He was a song writer.

5. He was a performing musician.

6. He is the founder of the Children's Music Network.

7. He was a member of the band Chipped Enamel.

8. He has 2 kids.


Character Captain May 2

Literary Luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

The Nazis captured Jews. They killed Jews. They tortured Jews. The kicked Jews out of their homes. They sent Jews to concentration camps.

Knud Pedersen is a Protestant Christian. He believes in standing up for what is right. He hates the Nazis. He sabotaged the Nazis and ruined their equipment. Knud lived with his brother and parents. Knud lived in Aalborg, Denmark during WWII. Knud now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He owns his own art shop.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

I used the bandwagon technique for my post. Most of the German race are pro Nazis because of HitlerÅ› persuasive speeches. The Nazis chant "ALL HAIL HITLER!" during their marches and during Hitler's speeches. As do most Germans.

Connection Builder April 24

My character is Knud Pedersen. When it comes to something I want, I'm very determined. When Knud Pedersen wants something, he is also very determined. Knud Pedersen stands up for what is right. When I feel like something is wrong, I will stand up for what is right, no matter the circumstances.

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discussion Director April 18

My book is The Boys Who Challenged Hitler, by Phillip Hoose, and it is a historical nonfiction. I think Knud Pedersen is very determined and hard-working.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

Knud Pedersen and the rest of The Churchill Club never gave up on their attacks and raids on the German forces and their equipment, no matter the troubles they faced.

Connection Builder April 13

In The Boys Who Challenged Hitler, the Pedersen family played games and did household activities for fun. In I Will Come Back For You, the main family played games with their Papa for entertainment. In The Boys Who Challenged Hitler, the Pederson family are Jews and they had most of their rights taken away by the Nazis. In I Will Come Back For You, the main characters are also Jews and they get most of their rights taken away by the Nazis. In The Boys Who Challenged Hitler, the father of the Pedersen family had to stay in the house at night. In I Will Come Back For You, Papa had to stay in the Inn.

Character Captain April 12

Knud Pedersen

Child of Edvard Pedersen

Who loves justice

Who hates Nazis

Who wants to go to Amsterdam

Who wishes he didn't meet the Nazis

Who is scared of being captured

Who dreams of being free from the Nazis

Who is determined to stop the Nazis

Who values his family

Who is proud of his rebellion

Who graduated from the Yale School of Forestry

Who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark

Knud Pedersen

Literary Luminary April 10

"This well-coordinated invasion, which also targetted Norway, had the German code name Operation Wesserbung." - page 12

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