Construction Continues! Foundation & Road Preparation

The first month of construction is coming to a close - can you believe it?! One month already.

During February, the construction and engineering team launched bi-weekly meetings with the architect and to coordinate the mobilization for Phase 1 foundations and roads.

At the latest meeting on February 26th, the team discussed the coordination of the structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and durastress (precast concrete) engineering needed for construction.

They also discussed shop drawings, construction administration systems, and addressed any questions or concerns the team might have regarding the foundations that are scheduled to start on April 28th.

The team reviewed the schedule for vertical construction of the garage buildings.

Permits will be ready by Mid-May.

They also reviewed structural lateral loads, hoist design, elevator pit sizes and locations.

Lateral loads are important for resisting wind, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

Hoist design is associated with what is used to lift materials and equipment during construction.

Lastly, the team discussed garage drains and locations.

It is a very exciting time at City Center West Orange!

Created By
Giovanna Gutierrez