Foundation Fine Art(BA) for Goldsmiths University Digital portfolio By Jonathan Van Botchway

introduction: the following slides are brief understanding of projects that I have conducted into the fluences of why i went to expand into further education. The following projects I did on a subsidiary level (3) and mini projects outside education.

Live Drawings

Live drawings was one my first projects at level 3 , I enjoyed the aesthetics of being able to look at the object in front of 6the canvas to be able to create shapes and forms onto paper. following photos include works of live drawing, works consist different time frames which different have longer or less time.

live drawing of female, in this drawing are teacher told us that we had 10mins on this drawing and to also include include techniques such as cross hatching, shading, blending, rubbings and draw with using shapes and forms to emphases the aesthetics of the human anatomy.
these drawing was of the male anatomy where in this task we was asked to take one water colour for two pieces of work and draw aspects of a person in different positions for 1 min and 30 secs. the others were pencil drawings and consisted time of 60 secs drawings.
Architecture Project

architecture project was looking at how a sustainable building are built and how we can mimic a design for sustainable building. looking at materials, concept designs of my building materials, concept designs and digital work.

Architecture sketchbook which i learnt in my subsidiary year of graphics design. our main for this project was to a sustainable building for final outcomes my final designs are not on display due to it been destroyed by pupils.
Textile Designs "Urban Jungle"

Textile project was one of my own project done within summer before going into level 3 first year. what did was created a project of my own where my goal was to create ideas and concept for final outcomes but have more design sheets for a scarf and bag.

concept boards of ideas of matching scarf and bag design, crafting of different effects and techniques from dried painting , crayon, weird styles of donut inspired and food franchised projects. i was venturing in ways for final outcomes of mixing ideas of both 'Food & Fashion'
Contextual Studies

Contextual Studies: in this project i looked at the contemporary and historical movements within art and design. most of my inspiration within this project draw from being able to inspired by both a Contemporary Artist and historical. Furthermore, looking documenting how WW2 impacted creative industries.

I look at influences like inspirational artists who inspired me like Basquiat, Jeff Koon, Jenny saville, Warhol ,Banksy etc. I had created these as my pieces to represent what i have gathered in my subsidiary work to be put up in my first year exhibition.
Comic Project "Flesh"

flesh comic project another project created the some summer as the textile project. this project came with final outcomes as the aim for this project was to create a comic cover poster.

for this project i just wanted to be experimental of creating concepts of characters in mythical aspects for example short goblins, bug creatures and giant muscular characters. This time I gathered research into historical movement such as pop art i looked at gaming concept arts, body anatomy and mythology movements. this benefited me how because it allowed me to structure and made me have clear indication for concepts towards final outcomes

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