The U.S.-Mexican War By Adeline Long

One thing that started the war between Mexico and the United States was most Mexicans being unhappy about Texas being annexated

Another reason Mexico was angry at the United States was because they had stated that the Nueces River was the boundary between the two countries. However, when Texas was annexated, the U.S. claimed that the Rio Grande was the boundary

Some American settlers were angry at Mexico for forcing them to leave their homes in Calofornia, still a Mexican territory at that time, and refusing to pay for the damage done to their businesses and properties there.

In 1845, President James. K Polk unsuccessfully settled the disputes between Mexico and the U.S.

When President James' mission failed, he sent troops to protecit the new U.S. state, only to find Mexican troops camped along the Rio GrandeI

In 1846, the United States and Mexico began the U.S.-Mexican War

The U.S.-Mexican War is also known as the Mexican-American War, or just the Mexican War

Most Texans were somewhat delighted to join the War. They was it as a chance to repay their old rival Santa Anna for all of the suffering that they had experienc during the revolution

An offensive is a major troop advance
Although the America had won the U.S.-Mexican War 13,000 out of 116,000 United States men died in the War. In Mexico, countless lives were lost and a lot of property was destroyed

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