Sophocles By: Avi Desai

Who Was Sophocles?

He was born in colonus, a village outside of athens in 496 b.c. His father was a wealthy MANUFACTURER OF armour. He RECEIVED a good education. he had BEAUTY and PHYSIQUE, ATHLETIC prowess, and skills in music. he was chosen in 480b.c. to lead the CHORAL CHANT to god. in 440b.c. he was elected as one of the 10 high executive OFFICIALS who commanded the armed forces. he was a junior COLLEAGUE of pericles. In 413b.c. he served as a PROBOulos, on of the 10 advisory commissioners who got special powers. Finally, He died in 406 b.c. these are some of the few facts known about him

Philosophy and Main Ideals

In all of his plays sophocles made sure his opinion of democracy over dictatorship was shown. he tells that no one person can not rule over everyone. he also told that multiple minds were greater than one. In addition he also liked the idea of the people were the true ruling force in athens. He also thinks that promises should be kept; they were like laws to him. FINALLY, he believed war was not the answer to problems and reason could sort these problems out instead.


He made many impacts, in the political world and in the world of theater. Some of his impacts in THEATER was having a third actor which allowed a lot more SOPHISTICATED plots. Also, he was the first to have scenery in the background that could change. He also had pauses in his plays which created suspense. Outside of the THEATER he was also active. He was a IMPORTANT STATESMAN, orator, and a general of athens during it's golden age.

Modern Examples of Sophocles's Philosophy

His philosophy of government still lives today. in out society today we have a democracy, a representative one. His idea of one PERSON can not rule all is shown in our modern day. there may be one president but the other branches can say no to him if that is not right. in addition, the people's opinions are into thought for the representatives who run the COUNTRY. For his promise policy it lives on. Now people have to sign contracts, and if they break it then it is illegal. THat makes sure they follow through with THEIR promise. THese are some of is philosophies that live on to this day.

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