My Furry Friends All adopted, all cherished

Created by: Mrs. A

As a very young kitten, Winnie had been hit by a car and left for dead. After a long night ( and a lot of money) at the emergency animal hospital, he has made his way into our home and into our hearts.
Winnie aka Winnie Pooh
Piper was rescued from a shelter in Boston. He got his name because he was found with his head stuck in a pipe. Apparently he had been there for quite a while because his neck was all cut and bloody and he was emaciated. Today, he is healthy, active, very loving and quite funny.
This is Piper aka, Pipes. He likes to hang out and watch Animal Planet on TV.
Hazel was a tiny ball of fur when she and her family were hanging out in our backyard a few summers ago. Our neighbor managed to catch all of them except for Hazel. While her mother and siblings were placed in "forever homes" Hazel remained elusive. Finally, she learned to trust us and she too has become part of our "furry family."
This is Hazel - a tiny female cat that rules the house.
No story would be complete without remembering Misty. She was rescued when she was 4-years old. About to be brought to a shelter, we took her into our home where she enriched our lives for over 12 years. She will always have a special place in our hearts - we miss her dearly.
Misty, a very special dog that will always be remembered.
If you're ready to include a cat and/or dog into your family, please consider adoption; you'll receive much more than you give. The following video is very heartwarming and illustrates how rewarding it can be to adopt older animals.
Doesn't your heart melt by just looking at these faces?

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The faces of pure love!

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Piper doesn't realize how big he is - he is too cute!

All About Winnie

Despite the scowl on his face, Winnie is a pretty happy cat - especially at dinner time.

Pipes just makes us laugh!

Yup, still laughing!


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