Ellie Hulun's Monthly Headlines February

1st swim class

Just call me Nemo! I was like a little fish in the water. Okay, maybe I can't swim yet but I do enjoy the water and as I get older I will learn more and more. For my 1st class Mommy and Daddy took me while Nana watched. I met 3 other friends, one little girl that is 7 months old, a little boy who is 7 months old and then one other little boy who is 14 months... he's advance! But he's also older so he should be. We played games and sang songs like "Baby in the Pool" it sounded a lot like "wheels on the bus". We also sang the "hokey pokey" and did "Hump De Dumpty", where I got to jump (or more like fall) in the pool. I got to chase a rubber ducky, I worked on kicking my feet and tried to blow bubbles. I'm not very good at that yet, so Daddy blew lots of bubbles for me. The class was fun but it really tuckered me out. I fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner and pretty much slept until the end of dinner. We go back in Thursday and I can't wait!

Nana took these pictures of my very 1st swim class... a little blurry (note she should get an iPhone 😉).

Each time I attend swimming I get a little better. I try to put my face in the water. Sometimes I like it and some times I don't. The teacher says I am trying to blow bubbles but Mommy says I am just trying to drink the water. I also reach for the wall now. I cannot pull myself up yet but I do reach for it which is better than before. My favorite part of class is chasing the rubber ducky! Mommy and Daddy bought me my very own rubber ducky so I can practice in the tub.

Mommy took these pictures ...
Practicing blowin bubbles
The Hokey Pokey

Ready for the pool

Check out my cute swim suite!

Reaching for the wall

Humpty Dumpty

Trying to kick

On my back

Rubber Ducky time!

Come here you little ducky

Almost gotcha

Got it!

Super Bowl

This was my 1st Super Bowl and what do you know?... the Patriots and the Falcons. My Nana, Aunt Kate, Aunt Anne, Uncle Tom and Great Nana are all from New England so they wanted me to root for New England. Daddy lived in Atlanta so he wanted me to root for the Falcons. What was a girl to do? Well I have no Falcons gear and Great Nana did get me a few more Patriots outfits for Christmas... so there you go my New England peeps!

This outfit is for my New England peeps!

I don't know... it wasn't looking good for the Patriots there for a while...

That's what you do with this thing?


I got the hang of it... usually when I have carrots they are all mushed up.

Daddy better hide that finger. I think I should be holding up the #1!

It really does not matter what I wear because I look cute in anything 😊. It was looking pretty grim there for the Patriots and Daddy was pretty happy with the Falcons, then the tide changed and what do you know?... Them Patriots came back from a 25 point deficit. I tell you if they say the Cowboys are America's team then the Patriots must be God's team because it had to be an act of God for the Patriots to come back from that... or just an act of good o'l Tom Brady! So my New England peeps were very happy with the outcome.


Daddy had a TDY to Ohio for a week. So Mommy and I tagged along. I've been to Ohio before but never this part of Ohio. We went to Dayton, Ohio. Where Wright Patterson AFB is located. We stayed on base. It was a chill trip. Daddy had to work so Mommy and I just chilled and did a little shopping or went out for lunch during the day. We had a nice big room so I was able to practice my crawling. I'm not quite there yet. I can do an army crawl and I can push up in all fours but I do not have the whole coordination of crawling in all fours yet. I also like to get on all fours and bounce my bottom... it's like baby twerking 😜.

Just pushing up on all 4s

Trying to crawl... but bouncing the butt is easier.

Jumped so much I tuckered myself out!

Just chilling with Daddy.

While we were in Ohio Daddy got done with work early on Friday so we went to the Air Force Museum. It was a big museum with lots of planes and history.

Valentine's Day

We spent Valentine's Day in Ohio. Daddy surprised Mommy with roses, M&M's and a card and me with a teddy bear. Mommy got me a ballerina doll and a new story book. We then went out and had a nice Valentine's Dinner as a family.

My balletina
My teddy bear
My book

7 Months

February 17th I turned 7 months old!

Mommy and Daddy say I'm becoming such a big girl. I can army crawls push up on all 4. I like to beat on my drums. I do this backwards wave thing. Nana was so happy because she thought she taught me how to wave, however Mommy thinks it just a habit and it's my way of feeling things. In addition to expanding my taste buds with puréed food I've started eating rice cookies and puffs. I've also tried smushed peas and smushed bananas but those did not go over well. I still need to work on my chewing so I will stick with the rice cookies and puffs for now.

Just being cute

7 Months Old and I can do a heal stretch.

Other Photos

The many food faces of Ellie

Enjoying a rice cookie
And making a mess
Ellie And Daddy Selfies...

I don't know who's the bigger ham... Daddy or Me?

Daddy stop trying to steal my camera space...

Kisses for Daddy 😘

7 month photo shoot out takes... Mommy says these sessions are getting harder the older I get she said it was way easier when I didn't move around a lot. 🤔

I don't really like the flower in my hair.

Hi Mr. Frog

Oh, a crown!

I will not look at the camera.


As Daddy would say... Tooldles!

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