Mexico By: Amanda Upshaw

Capital city? The capital of Mexico is Mexico City

What is the longest river in Mexico? The longest river in Mexico is the Rio Grande and it is 1,885

What is the tallest mountain in Mexico? The tallest mountain in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba which is 18,491'

What are the mountain chains in Mexico? Sierra Madre Oriental, Coahuila, México. Sierra de San Carlos, Tamaulipas, México. Sierra Madre de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México.

What are the ocean(s) nearest to Mexico? The Pacific Ocean is by the Gulf of Mexico, also to the south east by Belize, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea.

Total population in Mexico? The total population in Mexico is 123,166,749 people

Biggest lake in Mexico? Biggest lake in Mexico is Lake Chapala, which the surface elevation is 5,000 and the area of it is 425 miles, The length is 49.71 miles.

Is there any active volcanos in Mexico? No there are not and active volcanoes in Mexico as of right now.

Coordinates of Mexico 23.6345° N, 102.5528° W

What is the region of the world is your country? Mexico is located in the northern region of the American continent between the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.

What is the climate like in Mexico? Along the coast on both sides of Mexico it is hot and humid.

What kind of natural disasters can you find in Mexico? Earthquake, hurricanes.

Economic Worth (How much money) $341 million

Life expectancy of the people in Mexico Both Male and Female? Male 73.9, female 79.5 and total life expectancy is 76.7.

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