Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jordan Henley


In this Spark Story I will show you the day I went to the museum. I will go over Nature on Display, Nature on Ethics, and Nature in the Human Spirit.

Nature on Display

Me chilling with a butterfly

I enjoyed design of the Butterfly Rainforest because it replicates a beautiful, serene enviroment with foliage and butterflies everywhere. This exhibit help remind about the importance of letting go of the stress and worry of life and allowing your mind to unwind. After the stressful last week of studying I had, this exhibit definitely helped me escape my tough academic schedule for a short period of time

Nature and Ethics

Extinct Giant Ground Sloth

I walked through an exhibit that display the skeletal of all these extinct species and this help me realize how important it is for us to not let the animals we have on Earth go extinct. I walked through and saw all of these amazing and breathtaking skeleton's of long gone creatures that I would never be able to witness myself. This exhibit definitely made me want to support animal conservation efforts and do my part to help save endangered species.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by making us look at ourselves in the grand scope of history. When you do this, it makes your problems seems smaller and less stressful in the grand scheme of things. It helps us realize that the accomplishments we achieve like degrees and awards won't mean anything 3 billion years from now. This helps put your focus, not just on the material aspect of life, but on finding one's own meaning in life and how you can achieve your own good life.

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