Maths Curriculum

The 3 Is:


INTENT: Year on a Page and the National Curriculum

At Milefield, we ensure that children are taught skills so children leave Milefield with a good level of mathematical knowledge that they can apply in real life and have a love of maths. Skills are linked and taught together to maximise teaching and learning time to give context to learning.

Our teaching is based on the National Curriculum, which is then broken down into our HCAT 'Maths Year on a Page'. This ensures that children know more and remember more by revisiting key mathematical concepts every term. Sitting behind these are the curriculum guides that address key misconceptions and break down learning objectives into smaller steps to success.


The Accelerated Learning Cycle, based on the work of Alastair Smith, is applied in all lessons. Implementation of accelerated learning, supported by EEF metacognition research, has ensured the pace of learning is appropriate and has enabled pupils to secure rapid and sustained progress. This supports all learners with the nature of how teachers facilitate this in lessons and offer and scaffold learning where needed and challenge learners when appropriate to their learning.

As a school, we have a rigorous approach to the teaching of times tables and ensure we build opportunities for fluency in every lesson to support mathematical understanding.

Curriculum Design:

- Year on a page ensures progression of skills across the school inline with NC

- Trackers filled in to identify gaps in learning

- Formative assessment through marking and feedback feed into continuous cycle of planning, teaching and assessing

- Progressive tasks support challenge at all levels and support and scaffold

- All pupils have their learning maximised and no ceilings on learning

Other factors contributing to implementation:

  • HCAT Trackers
  • ALC
  • Accountability and pupil progress meetings
  • Targeted Support (Maths meetings)

- Narrowing gaps to ARE throughout school

- Improving outcomes within each lesson - rigour from staff to ensure all pupils understand the LO

- Identifying & addressing gaps in learning through formative and summative assessment

- Ensuring engaging lessons to support attendance

- OFSTED deemed Maths a strength of the school

- Ensuring all pupils are challenged from the start to the very end of the session

- Engagement is high in all lessons and a love of mathematics is stimulated

- No child leaves school with an inability to conduct basic Maths (it is not ok to be unable to ‘do’ maths)

Our Progressive Skills Document


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