How To Use Classroom 102 & 109

Step 1) In order to use the projector, lower the screen. Find the above buttons in the classroom and press the down button. Once the projector has finished lowering, it will stop on its own.

Step 2) Next you will need to turn on the projector. Find the projector remote(typically labeled as such), aim it towards the projector in the middle of the room, and then click the on button. Once you hear the beep, you know its on. It will take about 30 seconds to heat up.

Step 3) Once the projector is on, go over to the computer and choose one of these options.

Your choices are:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Apple TV

Step Four: For the built-in computer select the Desktop input on the switch.

Step Five: To hook up your personal computer select the Laptop option and plug the provided HDMI cable into your computer.

Step Six: For Apple TV streaming (Apple Devices only), select the input from the switch and follow the on screen instructions.

Step Seven: Once done using the equipment, turn off the projector by clicking standby twice.

Step Eight: Then press the up button to put the projector in its original position.

Step Nine: For any more questions or problems consult APLA IT in Dudley 215.


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