Music Therapy

These are some photos are represent Music Therapy. This field is amazing as it incorporates two things I am extremely passionate about; music and psychology. It brings me joy to know that with my talents and love for music, I will be helping people regain abilities they thought they would never have again.

Created By
Natasha-Amber Guerra


Created with images by RichardBowen - "Guitar" • NCVO - "Charlotte wasn't expected to speak. Music therapy has helped her SING- by Scott Lea" • Pictures by Ann - "Helen Listening to Sophia Play the Harp" • steakpinball - "Music Therapy Concert" • familymwr - "Dave Mason Band" • oati - "opalandtheidiot" • klimkin - "microphone concert girl" • cocoparisienne - "piano keyboard keys" • Didgeman - "microphone mixer cable" • p_a_h - "Daylight Music 1st Nov - Rachael Dadd" • photosteve101 - "music notes with violin key" • kevinbism - "amplifier music rock" • ClubTransatlântico - "Ópera de amor." • nathanrussell - "Violin teacher 1" • nathanrussell - "Violin Teacher 2" • woodleywonderworks - "guitar practice"

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