Text as Art By: victor lu -TGG3M1-01-


For my Art to Text project, I analyzed a number of things to design, including an arctic penguin, an american alligator, and a true toad. I finally decided on a Race Car, since one of my favourite childhood movies is Cars by Disney and that the word count in the words "race car" would be sufficient for me to make an image out of the letters.

My project is a red race car outlined by a number of lowercase r's. I included the tailpipe in order to incorporate a number of a's into my project. For the driver in the car, I turned a lowercase "e" upside down, resembling a man in a hat driving the race car. To make his body, I used the stem of the lower case "r" to act as his torso, hiding the curve of the "r" in the window of the car. I flipped the letter "c" to act as the wheels and finally shrunk an "a" to resemble headlights near the front of the car.

At first, it was hard to piece together the full image since there aren't any straight lines in the words "race car", so I did not know how to put the roof together and how to do any of the actual outline of the car. This was solved in class when Ms. Yamashita taught us how to create outlines and morph the letters to our liking, while retaining the original form of the letter. Thanks to this, I managed to make the final product even better than I imagined.

I personally liked this project because we were not confined to an idea and we were free to explore our own options. I think the best part of this project is actually seeing the thought you created in your head actually come together. In the beginning, I had a vague image of how my product would look, but actually doing it and thinking of creative ways to use the letters really tied the final product together. This helped me see letters in a different light. Instead of letters just being images to express my thoughts, I managed to use this medium to express my originality and creativity instead. I would like to try doing this on my spare time since I really did like how this promoted our own creative use of letters. I would really like to just receive a random object or thing and instead of being choosing our own thing, we have to cope with creating the object with the letters. I would really like to see how everybody pictured the image in their head and the different ways people used the letters to reach a common objective.


For the thumbnails, I tried to capture a number of angles of the things I chose. I also visited Bembo's Zoo to see how they created their images and to think about how I would convert the ideas in my head into letters.



Final Drawing

Final Product


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