Good Life Performance Experience: IUF100 Carolin KNight

SPATIAL EXPERIENCE: In order to enter the Constans Theatre, one has to enter through the Reitz Union. Personally, I feel as if having to go through the student union to get to the theatre, takes away from the experience. However, the second I stepped through the doors of the Constans Theatre, it no longer felt as if I was in the Reitz Union. The art on the walls, the sculptures, the art hanging from the ceiling, the neutral tones of the walls and the carpet, along with a quiet room and dim lighting enriched my experience. It was calming and quiet; it felt exactly like the other theatres I have been to before. My seat was close to the stage, so I was able to see the details of the costumes and the characters, as well as hear the actors very well. My seat was close to the aisles, so I was close to the characters when they would enter into the audience. The location of my seat enriched my experience because I was able to be so close to the show, and it almost felt as if I was dragged into the show when the actors would enter the audience. The size of the auditorium was somewhat small, but so was the production of the play, so I believe that the show matched the size of the auditorium. However, the arrangement of the seat was not as curved as it is in a normal theatre, which weakens the sound effects. I think that the role of a "place" in the Good Life is an important one. Everyone must have a place they can go, to get away from their suffering and struggles and focus on something else. For some it may be nature, a park, a business, a coffee shop, or a play. Whatever the place may be, it is important one has that "special place" to go to in order to connect with themselves when things are rough.

Inside the Constans, and leaving the Constans (by a walkway that is also used to access the Reitz Union)

THE SOCIAL EXPERIENCE: I attended this show alone, and I think that made my experience a little less enjoyable. I had to sit with strangers, and when I have gone to the theater before, I attended with either friends or family. Attending with others makes the show more enjoyable because you can talk to them during intermission and after the performance about the whole show. To get ready for this show, I read a summary of the play and watched a video describing the Constans Theatre. Shared experiences are important in achieving the Good Life. I think that sharing an experience always enhances that experience, because you have someone important to share something with.

Attending the play

THE CULTURAL AND INTELLECTUAL EXPERIENCE: This show was about social injustices; and rape within the church. I knew very little about this before attending the play. I was aware that this is sometimes an issue within churches, but I was not aware that the victims are urged not to confess the truth. I was also aware of underage workers working in unsafe factories. I was already sympathetic to the victims, but this play helped me realize that there is more to the stories, and that everyone has a different perspective on how to deal with the issue at hand. Also, I was aware of the underage workers in unsafe factories, but it made me realize that there are still working conditions in the twenty-first century that are just as unsafe, and illegal. None of these issues have relevance to my personal life; however, it did make me a little bit more aware of social injustices, and want to learn more about how to help.


THE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE: This play brings up a lot of emotions from the members in the audience, due to its straightforward display of social injustices. At first, this play made me a little uncomfortable; then I realized that it was because society has forced me to believe that sex and rape are not appropriate subjects to discuss. They should be kept quiet, and no one should speak of it. I believe that Dr. Pagán is correct when she says that theatre “gives the audience an opportunity to look at itself to examine its less-than-noble qualities and in the process to ‘come clean’ about what it means to be human and to be happy.” Theatre helps us realize that no one is perfect. This play points to the fact that no one is perfect, especially priests. This is displayed when a priest refuses to resist his sexual temptation, and have sex with an actor. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides the audience an opportunity to reflect on our own sins and try to judge our lives before we look down upon others. I think that this play provides us with an opportunity to examine our own lives, and fix our own sins.

Leaving Constans, after enjoying the show.

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