Good Life Nature Activity By Cameron cohen

Nature and the Human Spirit: The butterfly garden exhibit was very interesting for me as it allowed me to look at nature in a more detailed manner than I normally would throughout my average day. Living exhibits allows for a change of pace from our day to day activities. It captured my attention when I first walked up to the museum, as the giant tarp that stops the butterflies from escaping could be seen from the road. Natural history gives us a look into a more primal life, that was once how we, as a species lived.
Nature and Ethics: The exhibit on the green home allowed me to consider what Leopold discussed when he said we needed to be "biotic communities". The exhibit discussed ways in which we can give back to the environment, such as using food waste as compost, and reabsorbing household energy for use in developing plant life. This exhibit made me feel like we need to do more to cooperate with the environment, and that we need to develop new technologies that can allow us to better defend the environment. The museum allowed for connection to the environment through the interactivity of the green home section, using ipads and physical activities to show their message. The exhibit helped me realize it was necessary for us all to do more to help the environment.
Nature on Display: The hall in the butterfly exhibit that holds all of the different species of butterfly, organized by continent, was very eye catching for me, due to its massive scale. I found it amazing to think about all the effort and logistics from all over the world that was necessary to develop this exhibit. This exhibit showed me how much variety there is in nature throughout the world, a something I knew in concept, but never visualized. I found it really enjoyable when I think of how much effort must have been expended to develop this extensive collection, and how some passionate person was able to develop their dreams.

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