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Joy, as defined by Websters Dictionary, is a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. It's the goal of our Holiday Wish Drive and much to our delight, we find it all around during the holiday season that is now winding down. It's in the delight of children; in the playful yard displays of colored lights: in the gathering of friends and families; in the giving and receiving of gifts.

But, for all the apparent joy during this celebratory time of year, there are segments of our communities where joy is hard to come by. Pockets of hardship where the celebration of the season is absent.

We all know that living in the Bay Area is exceedingly expensive and as families struggle to make ends meet, the usual source of joy–holiday gifts–are missing from many households. When you have to put food on the table and pay the rent, with barely enough left over for gas and other necessities, a holiday gift or two is just not in the cards.

At Family Giving Tree, Joy is a watchword we use all year round. It describes the reaction of most of our recipients when they receive a holiday wish or a backpack full of school supplies. It's written on their faces and infused in their smiles. We hear it in their thank you notes and it resonates in the stories we get from the hundreds of agencies we work with. It's what keeps us going and motivates our donors.

It's universal. It's vital.

What does joy mean to you? Where do you find it? How do you spread it? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Here's an interesting take on Joy from a 2018 Ted Talk:

Wishing you JOY and all the best for 2020...


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