Men's Shed Vernon Newsletter #24, March 8, 2020

On the Cover: With Dave's mentoring, recent Men's Shed Guy, Zach, learns how to lay down some biscuit joints on his soon to be guitar body.

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

On one recent Tuesday, we had 23 guys in The Shed. We also had a record month attendance since we expanded to four days a week. Well done guys!

Some more new guys stopped by to visit: Welcome John C, Larry C, & Len C, who stopped in with his son to check out the Shed. We hope to see you all more regularly.

John C (left) was so impressed with the Men's Shed Vernon, that he stopped by to donate a set of spokeshave draw knives that his dad had left to him. Very touching. They'll be put to good use, John.
MSV facebook group : Twenty Eight MSV guys are now signed up to interact and support one another. Click the link below, and then "Join". Roy U will do the rest. THANKS, Roy!

What can come out of a casual conversation at The Shed...

What Kind of guy would attempt to turn this 1979 Bluebird bus...


...this completely transformed coach... in just nine Months?

Men's Shed Guy Lloyd (& Wilda) K did just that!

They came up with a plan. Then raised the roof line, completely renovated the exterior, and added a new interior, complete with all systems.

You gotta be pretty handy people to do this!

Wilda had her own upholstery business for adding all the comforts of home.

They drove it down to the Baja, and got a lot of fun and good memories from years of use.

Be sure to sit beside Lloyd at coffee to get the full story. Well done, folks!

I also learned that Bruce D did a similar conversion of an MCI coach for a client. There is a LOT of skill and experience at The Shed.

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

Bill A brought in a big box full of donated golf club heads. Then Bill and the Guys added a bit of Men's Shed ingenuity. Voila... A man cave coat rack!
Zach is learning from the Guys that a lot of work goes into a guitar project. So far he has operated a planer, a joiner, a table saw, a biscuit maker, and clamps. Next, Zach gets to trace out his artistic shape on the wooden canvas he has made. Well done, Zach!

Speaking of guitars:

Quinn & Bruce K are starting a SEVEN string neck for Quinn's guitar. They're using an oldie as a rough template.

It's not ALL work at The Shed...

Scott is building a planter just in time for spring, and Quinn just couldn't resist doing what we were all thinking...

How many guys does it take to hang a tool shelf?

ANSWER: The more the merrier! The guys are anxious to get to work on our new Nova wood lathe. We NEED more space!!

The Latest "Drool Tool" Arrives at the Shed!

Our "Drool Tool" shopping list included a big double belt sander with a 26"Wx12"H board capacity.

We were JUST about to buy one of these beauties, when the phone rang. One of our guys was offering us indefinite use of the very machine from the list. Amazing! The sander had been in storage, after completing the project it was purchased for several years ago.

We wasted little time in moving on the offer...

A BIG SHOUTOUT to Wayne Knopf for his generosity, and to his dad Harry (MSV Guy) for bringing the opportunity to our attention. We promise to look after it.

Make it go, Guys!

Catalina 27 Sailboat Renewal Project

John H has been guiding us through several projects lined up to move the sailboat to the lake by Spring. John H found some cool glass reinforced fibre board ideal for leveling the floor in the head.

Don't Forget...

We are working on some new TOP SECRET products to sell at the Men's Shed Vernon display. We're also looking forward to meeting more guys.

Minds - Staying Involved

Important MSV Dates and activities:

See What's Going On At CMHA in March. They're doing some swimming, snowshoeing, and floor hockey...

Truth is, we're not all doin' well ALL the time. It's not possible. One of the things I really like about Men's Shed is the openness our guys are developing about being well, and getting some assistance when we're not. That's Courageous, Guys. Well done!

By The Way, How are YOU handling the all the world events that bombard us these days?

Notice your shopping habits changing after watching the evening news?

I noticed this Anxiety seminar announcement on Castanet News. Sometimes circumstances can seem overwhelming. It's nice to see local organizations offering some tools to help. Sat., Sept 14. See the link:
What a timely Tip sheet! You just gave up an hour to the time change, and look what THAT did!

Men's Shed Vernon Annual Meeting

Men's Shed Annual Meeting. Wednesday, March 25th, 7PM @ CMHA Meeting Room. All guys and guests are welcome. Coffee & dessert to follow the short as possible business meeting..

You need to be a member to Vote, and can sign up that evening at the meeting. It will be a great time.

..so, don't forget to pay your ridiculously reasonable membership dues for 2020. It's only $20/year. See us at the Shed.
...please take a moment to visit the CMHA Vernon web site and DONATE any amount that makes you cheerful to help us grow. Be sure to designate your gift to "Men's Shed Program." Oh...and by the way - THANK YOU!
Don't forget To Car Pool. We park on Fulton Road, just up from the High School next to the sports field. There is NO parking at Elephant Storage. Our SHED SHUTTLE will pick you up, and return you to your car anytime you like! Just text or call...

Save the Shed Shuttle number...

Program the SHED SHUTTLE phone number on your cell NOW: 250-309-9749
Drop me a note if you would like to add a friend, (or delete) a name to our newsletter mailing list. We won't share it. rverlage@gmail.com
One thing that we WILL share is some quality time, some stories, and some projects when we meet. Don't forget to tell other guys about what's happening at "The Shed"..

We're Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays from 9AM - 1PM @ Elephant Storage - 6136 Okanagan Ave. Come and check us out!

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