Social Worker

What are the daily tasks of a social worker?

  • Social workers are responsible for helping individuals, families, and groups of people with problems they're facing to improve their patients lives

Social workers usually work full time, and often they work evenings, weekends, and holidays.

A social worker's salary is $45,900 dollars a year

Social workers work in a variety of places: mental health clinics, schools, human service agencies, hospitals, settlement houses, and private practices

Like every job, there are problems that my arise: economic decline, aging population, bullying, technology, and client management

Benefits of a social worker may include: pension, medical benefits, paid holidays, short-term disability benefits, paid sick leave, paid vacations, and child care assistance from the employer

Social workers are responsible for many things. They counsel families to find better solutions to their problems, place abused children in loving homes, find employment for homeless families, and help pregnant women, adoptive parents, and adopted children navigate the adoption system.

The education required to be a social worker is a bachelor's degree in social work and a license to practice

There are many skills required to be a social worker:

  • listening
  • social perceptiveness
  • speaking
  • critical thinking
  • coordination
  • reading comprehension
  • service orientation
  • writing
  • complex problem solving
  • judgement and decision making


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