Rattler Spirit Week By Nayeli Bustamante

"Baby it's cold outside!"- Unkown

Monday(Feb, 6 2017) Winter clothing

12th grader Eladia
"And suddenly, all the love songs were about you."- Unknown

Tuesday(Feb 7,2017) Relationship Status

9th grader & 12th grader Michille
"Be loyal to the royal within you."- Unknown

ROYAL(feb 8,2017)

11th Grader Brianna
"Now I ain't saying she a gold digger but she ain't messing with no broke guy."- Kanye West

GOLD DIGGER(Feb, 9,2017)

10th grader & 12th graders (left to right)
"It's the fashion equivalent of a mullet. It's party on top, all buisness and practical on the bottom."- Cynthia Rowley

Buisness on top, party on bottom(Feb 10,2017)

(left) 10th grader(right) 11th grader Marlen

'Rancho Mirage High School had a week to give students to show their spirit week (Feb 6-10,2017) due to Winter Formal that occurred on 11th of February.On Monday Feb 6 ,2017 it was a winter day, students dressed in sweaters, beanies, scarves, etc. Twelfth grader Eladia showed her school spirit with dressing up with a long sleeved shirt, a beanie, and a scarf. “Everyone should be able to show their school spirit, it makes everyone come together.”- Eladia. Tuesday Feb 7,2017 was to show off your relationship status and give a hint to your crush that you are single. Red meant you were taken. White meant single, and pink was complicate. Taken 12th grader Michelle wore a red shirt while single freshman who did not want to give her identity had wore a white plain shirt. “I wish this Spirit Week was better”- Michelle. On Wednesday Feb 8,2017 it was a day to dress Royal, to show off your are the queen and you are the king. 11th grader Brianna who attends ASB dressed exquisite with her tiara and bling lanyard, “Everyone should dress up for spirit week dude!”- Brianna. On Thursday Feb 9,2017 it was the day to dress like Kim Kardashian, a gold digger, a humorous day where more students dressed up. 10th grader dressed as the sugar daddy while 2 beautiful 12th graders dressed up nicely as the gold digger. “I make it rain on them”- 10th grader. On Friday Feb 10,2017 students would superb and nice but then also dress sporty. 10th grader dressed up with a dress and wore tennis shoes, an 11th grader named Marlene wore a lovely blouse with sweatpants and tennis shoes. No quote or opinion was given that day.

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