Women's Rights By leilani sapa

I chose Women's Rights because I believe that everyone should be treated equally. It shouldn't matter their gender. Especially being a young girl in this society of course I want things to change. We need equality if we want peace.

I think that this needs to change because women everywhere do not get taken seriously, do not get equal pay, and do not get treated the same as men. Society puts men on a pedestal just for being men and it is not fair. I don't believe women are made for kissing men's feet, making them sandwiches and cleaning up after them. I believe that we are more than that. We could be just as powerful.

I would like to see this change peacefully. This world has already had so much violence. I believe that if we face this peacefully and with an mind we can get more than what we want. We can also gain respect if we stand up the right way.

This song is about what women go through daily and how they deserve more respect than they get. It shows how we should appreciate the women on this world because they are the ones who have to go through most of the pain and struggle by raising us.

This has been a problem for a long time... some might even say forever.

This issue warrants change because women do not get they same pay as men which makes it hard to take care of and support families without a male figure. And women do not have a lot of the same rights as men.


  • Women earn 79 cents for every dollar made by men ( girls wages were $39,621 while mens were $50,383 )
  • Women earn less than men in all but 5 occupations ( Wholesale/ retail buyers, police/ sheriff officer, book keeping, accounting, and auditing clerks
  • from ages 16- 41 women make $15,404 less than men
  • Public policy could help close the gender wage gap but congress has obstructed progress ( the bill has been passed to every congress since 1997 but congress has not done anything. This cause the loss of a lot of earned wages for millions of workers and families.
This is my drawing for Women's rights

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