Final Project By- Cassie Mack

If we take a moment to look back and reflect on our live we will see that we relate more to the 1984 society than we do to Brave New World Society. Our society believes in control by laws and by fear just like as the Big Brother. Orwell was right because we have started to become more and more like the society that he predicted we would turn into.

We are always being watched and we are always being followed by our government. People working in the government work to control what they tell us and when they tell us. There is so much information that is always being kept from us, from threats, money, anything and everything.
In the cartoon Amusing Ourselves to death the author made a point that Orwell "feared those would deprive us of information" I agree that fits in our society because people fear when things are being held from us.He was right because there is a lot of stuff that is hidden from us.

The government controls what they want us to know just like how big brother destroys old stories just so they go along with what they are saying. They have people erase old stories of war to go along with what the society is being told. We fear the government in a way just like the people in the society of 1984 because they can work against you when they want just like how Big Brother at any moment could say you were lying and could lock you up. If big brother found you guilty of thought crime for showing to much emotion you could be locked up. They broke the rules just like if we break the rules we can become locked up. The government and people enjoy watching you like any time your computer is open people can hack into your camera and watch you.

Big brother always has telescreens so they were always watching people and always making sure there following the laws. Now we have all these cameras by stop light so if you run a red light it will send you a ticket so more and more were becoming controlled by the law and the government.

In this article it talks about how much the government can watch you and compares no difference than when big brother watches you. The government now a days has the power to tap your phone calls and text messages when needed, they have license plate cameras and 20 more ways they can watch you and keep track of you. Our technology is turning more into Big Brother is watching you kind of feel. They even have a camera now for face reconsecration that can alert people if you are being suspicious.

Now that technology is going up there is a price we all have to pay. All these new items all collect data and information on what we do on these devices and the FBI and police can get into phones, TV's without people even knowing.

As our technology goes up there is going to be more and more ways that the government is going to be able to track us. If we look at the Truman show they watched and followed him all the time without him noticing.The Truman show really pertains to our lives, if we think about it, things are hidden from us all the time we become oblivious to things. For a lot of Americans everyday is the same for them they get up around the same time everyday, go to work at the same time and nothing really changes. It takes something to change or something different for people to notice things. Truman never picked up on what was really going on because he became oblivious to what was going on around him. It only took for him to see his dad and to start to pick up on thinking he saw a set.

This article talked about a new system that is going to be able to track you. It will able to judge the way you walk, your height and your weight. In a study it showed 75 percent of Americans want to see an increase in surveillance. American wants to stay ahead of the game and since 9/11 there has been an increase in technology and surveillance in hopes of tracking bombs and bomb threats.

We don’t really fit into a society of Brave New World yet because in that story everyone is made by machines. They are created from a single embryo and learned pleasure is how they get by. They are all controlled by drugs or soma as they call it, however from when they are little kids they are taught to fear things like books so they would get shocked if they touched them and that way they would grow up fearing them.
They are not allowed to move up social classes and they grow up liking where they are. That way people won’t get upset where they are and have problems because people will be happy where they are. Then they are also taught that emotions are not allowed and that we shouldn't care about people. It was wrong to feel for someone if they died, or spend to much time with someone or tie yourself down to one person.

Our society fits into the society associated with 1984 more than it fits into the society of Brave New World. I believe Orwell was right when he wrote that book about what was going to happen to our society. I think we are going to turn more and more into 1984 as more and more technology comes out and more ways for the government to track you. It will become harder to hide things and harder to get away with things.


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