Learning Journal By Audrey Curles

Station 1 Reflection: Prototyping & Modeling ~ I explored Tinkercad @ this station. I like that it is online software, so I can access designs from any computer. Although it was difficult to navigate through tutorials using a Chromebook with a sensitive mouse, I will definately take some time to do the tutorials again using a different computer. I am excited to think of ways to use a 3-D printer in an elementary school setting! This goes right along with the makerspace I am working on incorporating in the Media Center @ TES!

Station 2 Reflection: Coding ~ What complex thinking this would spark for our students! Using the Spheros to explore coding was a real eye-opener. The math that takes place when coding is amazing. This makes me want to create a padlet where we (the teachers) all add ideas for ways to use the Spheros to code. Tavia was inspiring also. She gave me really neat ideas for how to use the Spheros relating it to curriculum. Connections I see between the world of coding and the physical world... Why would students need to understand this skill and why would they need to be able to relate digital coding to the physical world around us?

Station 3 Reflection Design Thinking ~ What role did empathy play in creating a better learning experience for your students? - having patience (not the right word) to deliver instruction with the varied levels of learners, How might these words be reflected in the process you just went through? Expathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

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