Southern Region 5M BY Grace, NATE AND, KEEGAN

States: The southern regions are Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas
The Southern Region In The Winter Is Usually In The 50s Except For Oklahoma
The average yearly temperature is 65°
Climatologists use thermometers, hygrometers and barometers
The southern regions are Mississippi, Arkansas,Louisiana,Oklahoma,Texas
The avg. high temperature is about 95° fahrenheit and the avg. low is about 72° fahrenheit
winter can be in the 50s
Spring can be in the 60s
Summer can be in the 70s
Fall can be around 55°
Blizzards are common
Dust Storms are also common
The Dust Bowl was a tragic historic storm 1930

In the winter, nights are cool in the Southern Region, especially near the Gulf of Mexico, usually it stays in the high 50s, except for Oklahoma, which is usually in the 40s. Snow usually falls further north, with Oklahoma with the most snow. Louisiana and Mississippi are the ones that get the most rain out of the five in the winter, 5 inches are the average in January. During the summer, the southern, region is hot and sticky, with rain falling in thunderstorms and really heavy downfall in the afternoons, most heard of in the summer afternoons, throughout the summer months. Oklahoma and Texas are part of “Tornado Alley” meaning tornados occur more often in the spring.

Wind is crazy in the southern region, especially in Alabama and Georgia.

It is a very mild climate.

Oklahoma City
The 7 day forecast for Oklahoma!


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