Gender Roles in Pre-Colonial and Post-Colonial Nigeria By: Elisa Soto & Damiana Torrez

Roles of Males in Pre-Colonial Nigeria

In precolonial Nigeria, males were seen as the stronger sex. They need to have a strong honor and respect. It's okay for males to have more than one wife, which is called Polygamy. Them abusing there wife's is okay and not a big deal but only in with the exception that it is not peace weak.

In chapter one, page one, it says that at a young age he won a match with Amazline the cat which brought honor and respect to the village.

In chapter two, page 13, there is quote that says, "It was fear of himself, lest he should be be found to resemble his father." Which means that since his father was known as weak and lazy, he wouldn't dare become something like his dad or his village would dishonor him.

Nigeria men

In chapter two, page there's a quote that says, "but his wives suffered and children were not as strong so they suffered." They were weaker in the family which also resulted in Okonkwo to beat his wife in chapter 5.

Roles of Females in the Pre-Colonial Nigeria

Women are considered the weaker sex in the colonial. There basic job is to cook, clean and have the children.

Nigeria women

In chapter 4, Okonkwo beats his wife for not having the food done and for taking beaches of a a tree. He assumed that he could beat her because he is a man and she is a women.


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