Events to find out the school events you like


Hello my name is Evan Remsing and my purpose in doing this is to find out what people like about school events and why they like them . And what they like about them like where they are how they heard of them and what they like most at school events .

This graph shows the results of kids you ether like or dislike school events 70 percent of them say yes as shown and 20 percent said no they do not like to go , this concludes that kids are more than likely to go to school events

How they heard about it

This graph shows how people heard about the school events that they go to. Orange said friends and green says other red says posters and blue says teachers From this graph I conclude that most people here about school events by ether friends , teachers or other options .

If people go or not

Blue is yes red is no this shows if people go on a average or if they are at school events all the time .

What sports they play

This shows the sport that they play most ether play soccer or other or any other sport and the red is football and the orange is baseball to show what they like so what they like to watch.


What I have found in the results that I have found is most people go to school events instead of not going so in these results I think that people would rather go to events then stay home so I have concluded that kids are more than likely go to them then not.


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