Oakfield News Issue 33 28 June 2019

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All clubs have now been confirmed and you can find notices in the portal inboxes showing which clubs your children are enrolled.

You can also see by going back into the book activities bit - if there is a rosette, that means that your child has a place in their chosen club.

Reflections from the Head of Pre-Prep

As another year draws to a close, I want to take this opportunity to once again express my heartfelt thanks to all members of our school community - children, staff and families - for your support, encouragement, energy, positivity, enormous effort and commitment to Oakfield. As is the case for any community of people, there have been times of happiness and sadness, successes and disappointments, challenges, joys and a huge amount of fun along the way. I reflected in my address at Celebrating Success on the need to foster imagination and creativity in all that we do, and this has been apparent in abundance this year. Let's look forward to a bright, exciting and innovative start to the new academic year in September, after a well-deserved break and rest for everyone.

I wish you all the happiest of summer holidays and look forward to seeing you next term. To those children and adults who are leaving us today, I thank you for all that you have given to Oakfield and wish you great joy and success for the next stage of your lives and learning journeys.

Moyra Thompson

Head of Pre-Prep

Lower Foundation

Under the Sea

Lower Foundation transformed into pirates and mermaids to finish of our Under the Sea topic. The children looked spectacular in their costumes! We enjoyed a Under the Sea workshop by Perform in the morning, followed by treasure hunting and map making.

Lower Foundation enjoyed a picnic, disco and entertainment from Mr Marvel for their end of year party.

Upper Foundation

Jack and the Beanstalk

Last week we were talking about Jack and the Beanstalk and the characters in the story. The children planted beans to grow their own beanstalks and used their imagination to write: ‘If I had a magic bean it would turn into…’.

In relation to our topic, the children have discussed the plant life cycle and what a seed needs to grow and flourish.

Last week we spoke a lot about the children’s transition into Year One and the children have discussed their feelings about this, and what they are excited or nervous about. We have visited the Year One classrooms so they can have a look for the similarities and differences between the rooms.

Year 1

Into the future with the all electric black cab!

Year One were treated to a special visit last week when one of the fathers visited us with his black cab. The children had a personal tour of his cab and were taught about all of its special features such as the soundproofing and microphone button. Each child had a chance to sit in the drivers seat and they all enjoyed asking a range of interesting questions.


The Year 1 children had great fun planning and making their own comic superheroes!

In groups the children acted out a story using their superhero props.

The children displayed great imagination. Our superheroes used their special powers to teach the villains a lesson after trying to destroy our beautiful planet.

Year 2

Pirate Day

Ahoy, me hearties! Year 2 had Pirate Day on Tuesday. The children wore their finest costumes, took part in pirate games and attended Pirate School!

Year 6 as our Teachers

This week Year 2 have really enjoyed having English lessons from our Year 6 teachers. The Year 6s were observed and given feedback on their lessons for their diploma.

The Year 2s had a great time learning from their older peers:

"It was really fun" - Ophelia

"I liked the Year 6s coming to teach us the things" - Clara

"The lessons were fun and I liked the activities" - Jesse

Year 6

Year 6 Leaver's Party

Last Friday, Year 6 had their Leaver’s Party. They took part in I’m a Year 6 Get Me Out of Here with Mr. Bower which was great fun. They then quickly got changed and had a fabulous time at their festival themed party.

Art: The Big Bling Frame

Thank you to Anna in 5PD who brought in the piece she made at Brownies last week. Anna used wood, nails and thread to create this image of her favourite animal, a horse. First, she had to draw the design on the wood and then mark the outline using nails. Anna said it was hard work to bang all the nails in straight! Once she had done that, she used different coloured thread to connect the outer nails and create a network of lines which made up the image. You can get really detailed work with this technique, look at these...

Summer Garden Lunch

Angela and her wonderful team produced a fabulous picnic lunch for the children to eat outside, and make the most of the beautiful weather! All of the children had a great time, and a huge thank you to Angela and her team, for giving the children such a lovely experience.


Year 2 had lots of fun during their PE lessons this week, taking part in sack races, hockey matches and

Sports Day

Last Friday, Upper Foundation - Year 6 had their sports day, everyone took part in lots of fun races including, the sack races, relay races and even a Tug of War race!

Beyond the Oak

Roll of Honour

Liv Uppington - Great attitude and effort learning songs for the drama production

Noah Russell - Englsih

Divine Stewart - Science

Tess McCormick - Science

Have a wonderful weekend!


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