Drones Do Good How do drones benefit society?

Where did they come from?

In 1918, the first UAV( unmanned aerial vehicle), was used as a missile carrier to act as bombs in combat.(Jeff Desjardins,2016) The Central Intelligence Agency has been using drone technology since the year 2000 to fly unarmed drones over Afghanistan. They began to utilize armed drones after the September 11th attacks. In 2017, drones are used for much more than military tools, but also used commercially and for personal activities. Drones today can be used to capture videos, photos, deliver packages, and just for fun.

Thesis: The utilization of drones in today's society can be beneficial in various ways but the most popular methods of use include commercial and military use.

What's it worth?

The global economic potential: a study estimated the worldwide market for unmanned aerial vehicles at $89 billion in 2013. (Daisy Carrington, Jenny Soffel, 2013)

Military benefit:

Drones can be utilized in instances where personal flight is too dangerous. Drones are easily maneuvered and less noticeable in comparison to airplanes, or jets. Drones are utilized with the idea of delivering more precise strikes. They help to avoid more intrusive military action. Drones can help eliminate lives lost as well as reach targets more efficiently and accurately. (BBC News, 2012)

Commercial benefit:

2015 Drone sales reached 8 billion with an upward projection of 12 billion in 2021. The investment is self justified and explanatory. Drones help companies gather more data crucial to growth and metrics, than any other technical advancement. Companies can easily see a return on investment without spending a ton of capital on training employees. Training and navigation is easily managed and can be picked up rather quickly. (Guillaume Auode, 2016)


The two key things to consider about the beneficial reasons to move forward with drone technology are; safety and investment. If we are able to utilize drone technology in war and defense, we will be able to save thousands of soldiers' lives. If we utilize drones instead of planes with pilots and soldiers, we will not only have a more precise hit on our target, but we will not have to risk any lives.

In 2017, companies are forced to take extremely creative approaches into growing their businesses. Social media and internet searches are great tools when gathering metrics and obtaining information. Drones allow companies to see things from a broader, wider perspective, while gathering data. Companies like Amazon, have already put forth ideas to use drones as a way of delivering goods at the consumer's leisure.


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