Leadership Discovery Kelly Babbidge

Discover yourself, find your strengths and weaknesses. How do you let other see your strengths? How can you use your strengths to motivate others?

+ Assertive, Decisive, Control, Insight, Big- Picture, Analytical, Problem Solver, Tasks

- Lacks empathy, Needs to be in control, Lacks understanding with people, Focuses more on results than fair or right

Discover Leadership Style

Multiplier Effect - use my resources correctly to make more than expected, leverage the strength of the talent around me, make everyone around me smarter, realize that everyone has something to contribute, make lightbulbs go on around me, get out of the way, build a strong team of thinkers, be flexible


Tell the WHY, build with passion on the human level, I am what I care about, put my cause into words, preach the cause


  • Motivation
  • Autonomy - the urge to direct my own life
  • Mastery - desire to get better at something that matters
  • Purpose - yurning for something larger than myself
  • Focus on this for myself and for those around me

Use the scientific discoveries that shows what motivates people, lead with questions not answers, engage in debate, focus on leading, not managing, get the right people on my team, businesses/schools need to be flexible

Fight for better standard pay for teachers, not incentives, teach the big picture, turn students into teachers, show students my passion and help them understand why financial literacy is essential to their success, give more autonomy with homework, set my own goals, take time to reflect and see what works and what doesn't work, change what doesn't work.


  • Goal Oriented
  • Tangible
  • Actionable
  • Timely
  • On-going
  • Consistent


I must first look inside and discover my talents. I must use my strengths and work on my weaknesses to become a better person, better teacher, and a better leader. I must understand my style of leadership to inspire my students and colleagues. It's important to be flexible and differentiate my style when dealing with different type of students and colleagues. I must communicate with purpose and understand the why in everything I do. Understanding the why and preaching my cause is what makes me successful. I must believe in what you I am doing. I must make others see my passion and maybe light a spark in them. I must build up those around me to be their best. I must be reflective in my approach to self discovery. Think about what I are doing and why I am doing it. Sit back and listen carefully to others to understand their why. Don't be afraid to take a receive feedback so we can all grow stronger. Allow for autonomy, mastery, and purpose to make a difference in myself and those around me. Take my profession seriously, trust in myself and my ability and know that I am an expert in my field. Be willing to make mistakes and keep trying. Do the things that makes me uncomfortable, like making a movie or finger painting. Be willing to take risks and be there for others.


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