St. George Tucker By: Divya Ponda

My Time in Jamestown

March 7th 2017


Today we visited Jamestown. I thought that it was a great experience and that we learned a lot.

This is a picture of a hook and a sewing needle made by the Powhatans from deer bone. It feels like plastic though!!
This is an image of a place where the Powhatan's lived. It's called a yehakin. It's made from river weed and is used for shelter.
This is the inside of a wampum.


March 8 2017

Today I walked around my neighborhood. First I visited the dress shop.

This image shows an article of clothing from the dress shop inn my neighborhood. The fabrics used to make the clothes felt soft. There are many clothes in the store. I would probably buy only fancy clothes from this store. To order the items, first you would choose a fabric, then the dresser would pin the fabric onto your body. Next, he/she would cut out the necessary pieces. Finally, the dresser would sew the clothes.
These are some accessories from the dress shop.
This is a photo of the fabrics that you can feel before getting your clothes made.


March 9

Today I visited my neighbor Peyton Randolph's house. We visit each other a lot and are very close friends, because we are both patriots and are well educated.

This is the dining room. This is the room where several discussions about important issues take place. There is a small bowl made from tin which was given to the Randolphs by a knight which is placed next to the farthest platter.
This is a guest bedroom. On the left, there is a bowl used to wash yourself.
This is a picture of the outside of the house.

Thanks for reading!!


( title photo of St. George Tucker)

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