Dilma Rousseff "you have to be ready for everything in life"

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7163/6507291155_a34a38d30f_n.jpg: Dilma Rousseff

Why is Dilma Rousseff Imprtant in Latin American history?

Dilma Rousseff was the president of Brasil from 2011-2016. She was born and raised in an upper middle class household. She graduated with her batulars degree in economics. She was imprtant to the world because she was the leader of Brasil. She was in controol of a whole country there for she is important.

https://spark.adobe.com/image_assets/slate/5f4f5263-f9b7-4ade-9aa2-814c5a7af1bf/images/7d688f59-1f94-4c3d-aef6-7c414e111ce2.jpg?asset_id=599be3ef-ec67-43ab-962e-721fd29bef0b&img_etag=296ceaec0bfe408df3a1e77b4733fc17&size=3621: Map of Brasil

How is Dilma Rousseff tied into the 8 themes?

She is tied into the 8 themes because she was a leader. she would be in the power and authority section. She mainly focused on the economics stability, poverty eradication, political reform, tax reform, and job recreation.

https://spark.adobe.com/image_assets/slate/5f4f5263-f9b7-4ade-9aa2-814c5a7af1bf/images/3d1785bd-579f-4b29-b016-ad5c15a7f00d.jpg?asset_id=fd4e3aa1-631b-447a-8447-e0db75871451&img_etag=66934db95f5ddec2a16a52483ba983c2&size=2560: Rio de janeiro

An instructive quote by Dilma Rousseff

"I fight for democracy, for the truth, and for justace. I fight for the poeple in my country and their well-being."


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