My pregnancy journal By sharntel


It's always been my dream to have a baby and start a family, and today my dream became a reality. Me and Nic planned on having a baby in a few years time, once we are financially ready and settled properly in the new house. But fate had other plans for us. I woke up this morning 6 days over due and feeling off colour. I took a HPT test, and up came 2 blue lines... after the initial shock and debating whether we're finically and emotionally ready we've decided to take the plunge! I'm so excited for the months to come and everyone's reactions.

A couple months later we decided it was time time to go to the doctors to find out more about what to expect, how the babies developing etc. Dr Taoube, tells me the baby 9 weeks gestation is 2.5 cm long , the size of a green olive! The Baby's eye colour is forming, as well as ears. Inside their mouth is the tiniest of tongues and even their tooth buds are forming in their jaw!

Over the past few weeks the morning sickness has definitely started to kick in making daily tasks and getting the motivation to do anything was really hard. I even had to cancel a coffee date with my old friend staying in town for the week, because I felt so sick I couldn't get out of bed. im getting cramps, Lower abdominal pains, bloating, gaseyness and the need to go to the bathroom A LOT more often. I'm noticing I'm more emotional, easily irritated and generally feeling down for no real particular reason.

It's only week 10 and I'm already so over this whole pregnancy thing. I'm now getting a Fresh outbreak of pimples, my nipples have grown larger and become darker, the constant pains and emotions are still continuing, I'm just soooo tired, I really hope I start to feel better soon. Nic has honestly been a huge help throughout the entire thing though, making sure I'm comfortable, reassuring me when I'm feeling uneasy or unsure and just all around being so sweet and considerate I don't think I would've been able to do this without him by my side.

At 12 weeks gestation I'm taking an optional nuchal translucency and this involves another ultrasound. The test basically evaluates my risk of having a baby with Down syndrome, trisomy 18, or certain heart defects. I got the results and back and everything is completely healthy and normal.


I had my first antenatal visit last week and the reality really hit me, it was the first time I was able to hear my baby's heart beat, which really made me realise it's real this is happening I'm bringing new life into this world. Hearing the heart beat I couldn't help but cry the happiest of tears! Now at 13 weeks pregnant and I feel way different from what I did a few weeks ago, my breasts are swollen and hurt to touch and my motivation and effort has plummeted for no reason, but at least my boyfriend is Nic has become extremely supportive and has been throughout this short time I've been pregnant. I've had some really quite weird and specific cravings such as, unsalted corn chips, frozen mango slices, donuts covered in salad dressing and I'd say the weirdest of all coco pops in coke ...

I'm now on maturity leave, giving me plenty of time to do research. So far I've found out apparently the baby is at 13 weeks gestation and the size of a ripe peach! My Babys vocal chords are forming from this week. The connections between baby’s brain, muscles and nerves have all formed by now. They are able to move freely and use their muscles to push and pull themselves into various positions. Ahhh how exciting. I'm really starting to settle in with the pregnancy, which is great, I'm feeling a lot better and peaceful. In my spare time cause I've got plenty of it, I've Recently started with "pregnancy yoga", light walks and water exercises....honestly it's really helped relax me and get my muscles working again.

My baby bump is still pretty small at this point but I'm defiantly starting to realise a small rounding in my stomach, with less of a defined waist. Even so I decided this was the week I tell my parents, I don't see them as often as I should but I feel like they are gonna be just as excited and thrilled as me and Nic are. So I organised a lunch date and I told them the big news! At first it was more of a shock but that soon turned into happiness and excitement, I think my mum got more emotional then I did when I found out 😂

Now at 23 weeks gestation I went in for my first ultrasound. I was told to go in with a full bladder in order to properly check the length of the cervix. Which was honestly very hard and uncomfortable to do I felt like I was gonna wet myself the whole time... but the ultrasound went better then expected, the Baby is completely healthy and all is well but definitely the most exciting news. It's a girl!

I went out shopping for maternity clothes this week. I found that non of my clothes are fitting me, everything is just to tight and uncomfortable. So I'm glad I brought some bigger clothes. So so so much more comfortable but unfortunately pretty daggy looking.


I had some spare time for a bit more research this afternoon after water arobics and I found out my little girl Is now 43 centimetres long and weighs 1.5 kg (about the size of a large cabbage) at 30 weeks gestation. Her brain has grown and nervous system is almost mature, as well as fingernails almost at the end of her fingertips this week.

I'm now having to go get prenatal visits every 2 or so weeks and so far every visit everything has gone exceptionally well and I should be in for a healthy and natural birth.

Going into week 32 I have some really amazing and exciting news. Nic took me out for dinner last night at this really beautiful restaurant and he got down on one knee and proposed to me. Aww it was just so cute and everything at that moment was perfect. we're planning the wedding for after the pregnancy of course, but him proposing was so unexpected, but I'm so happy, I can now call him my Fiance. I must go tell my parents, so many life changing things I've had to tell them lately haha

Still in week 32 with the count down starting and expected within the next 10 weeks, I realised we've not yet gone and brought baby clothes, bedding and accessories. We've just been so caught up ineverything else so today's mission we have a checklist of everything we need to get. Such as a cot, dresser, stroller, dummies, clothing, toys, bassinet etc.

So now in gestation period of 35 weeks doing anything is just extremely uncomfortable, I found when out shopping the other week I wasn't able to stand for more then 5 minutes due to my back aching and my feet are so swollen. Non of my shoes fit me anymore.

In the past few weeks I've found my breasts are starting to leak Colostrum as well as becoming a lot more heavier and streaked with blue veins. My heart beat has been really weird sometimes skipping a beat then going faster. My emotions have been very weird, I had a full on break down while out grocery shopping and I really have no idea why, it was all built up from me being so over the pregnancy and sick and tired of the constant pain.

I opted for another ultrasound at 36 weeks just to check the position of the baby. I'm thinking I might even want to have a caesarean, as I don't tolerate pain very well I can simply be knocked out and get it over with. The only issue with that after the baby is delivered I'll still be under the anesthetic. The actual birth itself has been the biggest thing worrying me throughout the pregnancy because I don't know if I'll be okay with the pain. I mean watching births on tv shows and movies my god it looks so unbearably painful and that's not even the real thing!

After showing concerns to the doctor about the way I wish to deliver the baby I was told I had to prepare a birth plan which basically outlines: who I want with me supporting me during the birth, if I'd like to be on any drugs, and of course how I wanted to deliver the baby. I chose to have Nic with me, I'm going to listen to my instincts and go with a natural birth while under pain killers. I'm certainly scared but I feel that's what's best to do.


I was due to give birth June 8th, but due to my high blood pressure and diabetes I was booked in to being induced May 23, 2017. I stayed overnight but was told the babies head was not engaged enough I was rebooked for May 28th.

Around 6am I awoke with cramps but nothing unusual from the Normal pregnancy cramps. I was going out for lunch later that day, still in lots of pain I called by mum for a second opinion, then the hospital, I was told to take a bath and call back. The pain become more intense but no rhythm, I was getting times of 9 , 3 and 5 minute apart. The nurse asked me to come in.

In the delivery ward of Wollongong hospital the pain was coming hard and fast! With seemily no let up in between. Doctor Finyl broke my waters. The doctor told me my blood pressure spiked to over 200 and my baby girl was in much distress. I was screaming in agony and pain at this point. I screamed knock me out, knock me out and so they did. I was forced to have an emergency c-section because turns out she had the cord wrapped around her neck. Ruby mortimer was born 8pm that night. However I was not able to see her till about 8:30pm when the anesthetic wore off. Holding her for the first time with Nic by my side was the happiest feeling I've ever felt. All the pain over the last 9 months and the birth was worth it.

Deciding on her name was a long process. Of chopping and changing, researching, asking for opinions. Because Whatever I suggested Nic didn't agree. But we came to a final agreement of Ruby. I've always thought it was a beautiful name and Nic thought so too :) welcome to the wold Ruby Jane Mortimer

The hospital stay wasn't to bad. Honestly it was quite nice. Lovely and friendly staff. The room was very clean and tidy. Wasn't much noise which was really helpful for the first proper sleep I've had in ages and finally the food was very good.

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