The candidate Bernie SandeRs rallY, north las vegas, 2015

Bernie Sanders stopped by for a rally in a baseball field in North Las Vegas. Despite the cold, about 1,500 people came to hear what he had to say. He talked about student debt, healthcare, the wealth gap, veterans, immigration and education. He did not mention Clinton but tore into the republicans in Washington. The rally attracted a broad mix of people wanting to hear from a candidate who actually has something different to say this time around.

Approaching the rally
Waiting patiently for the candidate to get on stage.
The excitement grew after the last speaker had her say.
Supporters young and old showed up
The candidate's words were met with cheers
After his speech the candidate decided to meet the crowd.
The candidate shook hands and spoke to supporters
The candidate was in many selfies
Finally the candidate had to leave the show
Signs supporting the candidate
The crowd left quietly but enthusiastic about the candidate
And it was over

All images copyright 2015 Adam Bucci

Shot with a Fuji x100s with images taken directly out of camera with no post production.


copyright 2015 Adam Bucci