• Cover Photo: Taken at our beautiful Lake Jackson in South Alabama, Easter 2018. This precious little boy is used to his Nana following him around with the camera by now.

Hey guys! Meet Mr. Micah and his beautiful mother Julie. Yes, I may be a little biased about these 2 since they call me "Mom" and "Nana"! But they are the best to do a photo shoot with!! Capturing those priceless little moments that no words could ever describe, only description you need is the feeling you get from the photo. For example, the first photo in this group they had no idea I was still capturing those moments. These two have an amazing bond that shines through just in the feel of that photograph. The only thing better than being blessed with this beauty as my daughter, is watching the mother she is to my grandson. The other photos were taken at Micah's 1st birthday party. Even with cake all over him, he's still the cutest! Lol

March 2018

Oh blue eyes! This baby knows he has his Nana, heart and soul! But come on, look at those eyes!

Just another one of those moments I was so thankful they forgot I was even there! That is when you capture the feel of the moment! My grandson loves his mama! And she is an awesome mother!

Even with all that sweetness dripping off he's still smiling and happy to have his picture taken. He's been that way since he was born!

You will definitely get used to seeing Micah, he falls victim to my photography all the time! LOL. But now I would like to introduce to you two more absolutely amazing people I have the pleasure of calling my kids. This is John and Haley, my son and future daughter in law (a mother can hope can't she, lol). My son changed my entire life over 20 years ago and he never ceases to amaze me even today. He's also an amazing photographer! And I've had the pleasure of spending some time with him just recently and going on some adventures taking pictures with him. I am very proud that I can now also call him friend. Haley, well she tolerates our snapping a million photos of what may appear to be nothing to some, but in reality, it's not what you see, it's HOW you see it! I could not have hand picked a better woman for my son. She's absolutely amazing and I'm thankful for her!!

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