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Week 1

These are my 6 photos that I took
This is my best selfie. It is of me wearing my detachable hood.
This is my best family member photo. It is of my mom Christina in our dining room.
This is the best photo of my common object. It's a fingerboard on a bench in my room

Week 2

These are my 2 Portraits and 2 Snapshots. The top 2 are Portraits because I had Morgan pose and stand still and we had the photo we wanted in mind. The bottom two were Snapshots because Morgan didn't realize that the photos were being taken and he was just making a funny face.

Week 3

These are two photos I took in Canada. In the first photo we can see clear blue water and some rocks. In the second one you can see more of the water and mountains with trees and snow in the background. I shot these photos to show people the beauty of nature and how we should protect it.

Week 4

Artist Statement

My message was that I wanted to show people the beauty of nature and why we should protect it. This is really important to me because I love nature and the Earth and it's where we all live. I really want people to see how nature is a beautiful thing and that we should protect it in my photos. I took photos of Lake Louise which is located in the Banff-Alberta region of Canada. This region is filled with some of the most beautiful places on earth. Right next to the lake, three mountains, Saint Piran, Devil's Thumb and The Beehive, which you can see in the background. The most important part of this photo though, is the water. When you take a look at this photo, the thing most likely to catch your eye first is the lake. This isn't like Lake Michigan, which the majority of my readers are used to, but it's a pollution free, shining, glimmering, beautiful lake filled with nothing but water, which seems like a stupid thing to say, but it's not. The lake isn't filled with coffee cups of businessmen who are rushing to get to a meeting on time and can't find a trash can, it isn't filled with bags of chips from a family who's kid is whining to much to be able to take time to find a trash can. No, because it's protected by people and the people who do care about this enviroment.

All of this is captured in my photo, but all of it could be gone with factors like global warming and deforestation. We need to protect more these beautiful landmarks.

Week 6

This is my final image. the following will show the edits i've made.
The only program I used was Photoshop. The first thing I did was crop out a little blur of a rock to make it look more professional.
The second thing I did was create a second layer of only the background without the water and blurred the second layer to make the viewer notice the water first which is the main focus of the image and then the viewer after taking in all the colors and textures of the water they can look at the image as a whole and take in everything it has to offer.
Created By
Sam Kuhrman

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