Anesthesiologist anesthetics

What is it

Anesthesia is a very complex job that involves the use of drugs and other substances to put people to sleep during surgery's and other things like dentist appointments. an anesthesiologist also applys an anesthetic to an area of operation or a area of discomfort.

A common compound that is used by anesthesiologists is nitrous oxide. nitrous aka laughing gas was used by anesthesiologists to ease the pain of patients and give them a pleasurable feeling so that doctors could operate on them or dentists could do there job and if needed. nitrous oxide shouldn't be used as a gas to make a patient unconscious as after a long period of time it can become toxic and will affect your health.

some other things nitrous oxide can be used for are, Food processing propellant, Semiconductor manufacturing, Analytical chemistry, Chemical manufacturing, Auto racing engine injection.


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