On the edges of the South Marshall Tx, 2014

East Texas is not west Texas; rather it bears the beginnings of the South, with a lurking sense of the ancient here.

The landscapes of the South intrigue. Incredible densities, of sounds and surfaces…blurring boundaries between the earth, water and sky. A truly primordial place, in so many ways.

Boulevard of Cypresses, Caddo Lake: My first experience of wetlands, and I'm hooked.

Being on the lake, on occasions, felt like being in a painting.

Gator!!! Although we didn't see a real one [we ate some, though], this one does bob it's head up and down in acknowledgment.
Magnificent creatures, the Texas Longhorns. I'm glad for this encounter, as normally one sees them on a wall of a steakhouse.

Railroad remnants.

Bungalows, large and small, in Jefferson TX.

Every place in the world has a soundtrack (overheard on my recent trip to the South, east TX).

Created By
Shubhra Raje

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