Puppy love and Ultrasounds? Memorable Advertising

Baby’s first word, Lemonade Stands, Wiener Stampedes, and First Dates, these are just some of the commercials that have been on almost every Americans television screen at one point or another. Doritos, perhaps the most famous for these hilarious commercials, has come up with countless captivating commercials over the years. Year after year we see Doritos come up with an even funnier and more creative commercial. Similarly, popular companies like Volkswagen, Budweiser, State Farm, Progressive and many more put out some of the widest viewed commercials. 114.4 million people watched the Superbowl this past year. This is a huge audience for advertising. It’s hard to remember all of the commercials, but which ones stand out in particular? And what makes them “good” and memorable? Is it their ability to make us laugh? Or cry? By this time which ones do we still remember and which companies made them? The goal of most companies is to get us to buy their product, or to think a certain way. When you do remember a certain commercial, how frequently do you go and buy the product being advertised? Companies main purpose is to bring in more consumers, but how are their commercials being received? How effective are they?

The obvious draw to most products in commercials is humor and entertainment. When commercials are funny we, as consumers, tend to be drawn to the commercial more. An example of this is the way sales go up for commercials that advertise with funny or memorable commercials. Commercials that are most memorable and most watched have very positive responses as far as sales increase goes. What kind of humor is most memorable to a broad audience, like the Super bowl viewers? Commercials like “Ultrasound” by Doritos, was highly rated for one of the best commercials of the Super bowl. In the commercial it is a man and woman in the doctor’s office of their OB-GYN and they are looking at the ultrasound of their new baby. The man is eating doritos, he waves the doritos over the woman’s stomach and sees, on the monitor of the ultrasound, that the baby is following his hand with the Doritos. The woman gets angry and throws the bag of Doritos across the room and the baby follows the bag. Its comedy like this that attracts viewers to buy or at least have interest in the product being sold. Although not all times it brings in more money for the company, sometimes the company will just receive good reviews on the commercial, versus a good sales increase. Even if publicity is bad it’s is still publicity, after all any press is still press even if it’s bad. After spending almost 5 million dollars on a Super bowl commercial, most companies would want a good sales increase, which doesn’t always happen. Although sales may not increase because of a well made commercial to have a lasting memory with a possible consumer.

Consumers, similarly to the comedic commercials, are drawn to the heart-wrenching commercials also. Commercials that make a consumer feel happy, sad or guilty are considered good commercials.

For example in 2012, in Super bowl XLVIII, a commercial aired made us all feel emotional. “Puppy Love” depicts a puppy and Clydesdale horse on a farm who fall in love, and the puppy has to keep being returned to its owner, at the end of the commercial the puppy leaves and the horse starts to chase the car it is leaving in, and very dramatically the car comes to halt and they are reunited once again. A puppy was enough to make even the hardiest of people cry but take that and add the song “Let her Go” by Passenger and many were drowning in their own tears. A great addition to this commercial was adding the hashtag at the end, #bestbuds, which stuck with the populous because it was clever, easy to remember, and gives the audience another reason to talk about the commercial on platforms such as social media. In 2013 Jeep made a commercial called, “Whole Again”, with a voice over by Oprah Winfrey. In the commercial Oprah names things that are important to family that are being missed while a series of family scenes are played and a sense of suspense is built throughout the commercial until we find out things that are being missed are missed by a loved one who is a soldier. For those of us who have a loved one in the war, this commercial hits close to home for us, an emotional connection. This might form a memory of Jeep next time they went to purchase a car.

Celebrity Dwayne Johnson shows off his guns as he poses in a Ford Service commercial, after being named sexiest man alive (left).

There are more than just those appeals to a good commercial. At events that are so widely watched like the Superbowl or the New Year’s Eve Show, some of the best commercials run. Commercials are a type of art form for consumers at home to enjoy. Quite often companies will have celebrities endorse a product for example former Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, endorses Buick, Nationwide, Papa John’s, Gatorade, and DirecTV. Does having a celebrity endorse a product change your opinion on purchasing that product?

Michael Jordan, posing in a shot for his Nike Jordans.

In 1984 Nike launched a campaign with Michael Jordan. This took 75% of the basketball sneaker market and 10.8% of the overall shoe market.

Ashton Kutcher posing for Nikon.

This evidence shows that when celebrities endorse a product sales increase due to celebrity endorsements. Some are drawn to a product because they envy the celebrity, and will try to mimic their way of life by buying the product. Others are drawn to products, because the celebrity endorsing the product may be attractive or appealing to the consumer. For example Ashton Kutcher endorses Nikon cameras, and advertisers believe that he will sell the product due to his appeal to consumers. In 2016 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was named “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine, later Johnson was in a Ford Service commercial. Advertisers for Ford used a widely liked celebrity to attract the eye of consumers and sell products or ideas.While many may see commercials as a waste of time and want to get back to their TV shows as soon as possible, more often than not they have a message. Whether you buy the product or not, if the commercial interests you in anyway, it is doing it’s job as advertisement. Some would disagree but, advertisement is an art form and are here to entertain many.

While many may see commercials as a waste of time and want to get back to their TV shows as soon as possible, more often than not they have a message. Whether you buy the product or not, if the commercial interests you in anyway, it is doing it’s job as advertisement. Some would disagree but, advertisement is an art form and are here to entertain many.

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