The Good Life Performance By Cameron Cohen

Social Experience: I went to the play on my own, so I sat with a stranger. I was placed on one of the corner areas near the front so it was only me and one other person, and we conversed prior to the play starting. Before the performance I made sure to look up the play beforehand to get a cursory understanding of what it would be.
Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issue was of the differences between the church and the arts, as well as the poverty that took place during the period. I had a relatively strong understanding of the poverty theme, as we learnt about poverty during the industrial revolution in history class to a large extent. However, the clash between the church and entertainment was something very new to me. The performance made me aware and intrigued of how the clash between the arts and church evolve in Quebec.
Spatial Experience: I was seated near the edge of the second row in the play. This gave me a unique perspective, as I have never seen a play up close like that. Also, due to the design of the stage, some of the play moved to the side of me which allowed for greater immersion. Because the auditorium was so large, it made the actors need to project their voices, making some of the reactions seem strange.
The Emotional Experience: The play gave me a sense of katharsis, since I was so close the the work I could see the emotion the actors put into the play, and the effort made me appreciative of the work that I do.

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