Bella Colacino: Botanical Garden Trip BY bella colacino

1. Medicinal plants

  • Coconut Palm: used for anti-inflammatory purposes. The fruit and palm heart is used to make the medicine.
  • Kava: used as a sedative. The root is used to make the medicine.
  • Cacao: dilates blood cells. The seed is used to make the medicine.
  • Curare: relaxes your muscles. The stem is used to make the medicine.
  • Cinchona: helps treat malaria. Bark is used to create the medicine.

2. Leaf from the rainforest, it's adaptation, and sketch

  • Anthurium schlechtendalii: it adapted its leaf size in order to get more sunlight.

3. Epiphyte and its adaptation in the rainforest

  • Cryosophila warscewiczii: its roots absorb the water in the air.

6. A carnivorous plant: it's adaptations on getting prey and why does it have to capture prey?

  • Venus flytrap: the adaptation is that it uses a sensory technique in which the prey gets caught inside when the flytrap closes. It breaks down the food with a liquid and uses it for food.

10. Layers of the rainforest

  • Emergent
  • Canopy
  • Understory
  • Floor

11. Climbing plant and adaptation

  • Jade Vine: the adaptation is that it climbs towards the sunlight.

12. Moss covered area

  • It is so small because it is nonvascular.

14. Desert epiphyte and difference between rainforest epiphyte

  • Tillandsia albida: takes nutrients from a tree and uses it as a source for its needs.

15. Desert leaf and its adaptations

  • Crassula sarmentosa: learns how to get water when water is scarce.

16. Flower in the desert area and difference between desert flower and rainforest flower.

  • The flower has fuzzy leaves unlike the ones in the rainforest.

Extra Credit: Lord of Rings Plant

  • Gallum Crassus ovata, jade plant.


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