Nature BY: hani rasool

Nature, our starting point! -Hani Rasool

Outing 1 (group task)

I went on a trip to Kowloon park with half my group and it was very calm and peaceful, definitely perfect for someone who needs some space or is upset and needs to cool down or just to rest and take a break. For younger kids it is also a good place to be at one with nature and bring toys and get some fresh air, many kids these days are at home for most of the day or staring at a screen, not only does it damage your eyes but also doesn't give you the experience to feel free.

Outing 2 (with anyone)

I went to a graveyard with my class to the happy valley graveyard and there was natural things like stone tree's plats and soil.

Outing 3 (family)

I went to the Harbourfront landmark's garden which has plant, trees, bushes and the sea if you walk along the path.

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