Intro to Art, Semester 1 Caici Barnhart

I took Intro to Art because I wanted a class that wouldn't add to my work load. I expected this course to be my "easy class". Although, Intro to Art is my hardest class. I expected to learn a few techniques to help my artwork look better, not specific step by step strategies.

In the first picture, it shows by drawing the negative space, you automatically correct the positive space. In the left middle picture, it uses sighting - comparing angles to the horizontal and the vertical. The right middle picture uses lights and shadows. The last picture shows a contour line drawing - drawing what I really see. I learned the most from contour drawing. When I draw without looking, it helps me recognize a lot of details I wouldn't usually see before, like how some peoples eyes aren't exactly in the middle of their face or my eyes aren't exactly a like in shape, the little unique details.
I have gotten better with using vine charcoal. Coming into Intro to Art I had never used vine charcoal before at all. Now, I have used it multiple times, to draw my hand, different objects, and self portraits. At the beginning of the year I used a lot of it, as you can see, but as we started using it more often, I learned how to control how much or how little to give the effect of 3D. Also, I learned how to shade.
Chiaroscuro is the contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. By
I improved immensely from day one. I think everything is better. It might not all be perfect on the last day portrait, but it sure is much better than the first one I drew. From the first day to the last, it went from not lyooking anything like me, to having some similarities. My eyes, my mouth, and definitely my nose look way closer to what I actually look like. By adding the little creases and curves to my eyes, mouth, and, nose, my portrait looks more realistic.
I wish I could redo this non-objective project because I don't really like the direction of my colors. If I had the chance to redo this project, I would make the colors more "natural". I wouldn't make rows of color. Also, I would change the colors I used. I like the different blues I used and the purple, but I don't really like the red with it. I feel like the red doesn't fit in that well. The blues and purple are more dull and go together, and then there's the bright red.
I think I have improved in my drawing ability and attitude. Throughout this school year, I have learned different techniques to make my art better. Some of the techniques are: comparing angles to the horizontal and the vertical; to draw tables, use correct facial proportions, draw the negative space to automatically fix the positive space, and draw upside, so you can't name each part you're drawing to make it easier to copy another art piece. My attitude has also improved. I have become more confident with my ability of drawing. I'm proud of myself with my self portraits and the charcoal-objects drawing. I didn't really think I had the artistic ability in me, and now I do.

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