Islam already started influencing Northern Africans after the prophet Muhammad moved with companions from Mecca to Medina. Many Africans converted to Islam at the time. The first converts were people in Ghana, and then Mali.
There was a very strong influence of Islam on Mali Empire, especially on their manas. There were many mansa who practiced Islam in the Mali Empire, but Mansa Musa was considered to be a devout muslim who really spread Islam in entire Africa.
Mansa Musa was the tenth, and the richest mansa of not only Mali Empire, but his times. Also, he was a nephew of Sundiata Keita who was founder of the Mali Empire.
Mansa Musa was the first king or mansa of Africa who known in Europe, Middle East. He was very rich man. He had a lot of gold worth billion dollars. Because of Mansa Musa's wealth, West Africa became greatest supplier of gold.
Mansa Musa made a pilgrimage to Mecca known as Haj by Muslims in 1324. This pilgrimage really affected Mali. During performing Haj, he gave away gifts in the form of gold to people there. This was the pilgrimage which exposed Mali Empire to Europe, and Middle east, and this was the pilgrimage which expanded Islam in entire Africa.
During his Haj, he made connections with other Muslims, and invited them to Mali. Many of them later Mali as merchants. They built mosques, and established schools in the Mali empire. Schools were especially focused on Islamic education, and Islamic culture.
Mansa Musa invited many Arab scholars to his empire who visited Mali, and gave teachings of Islam.
Mansa Musa made Mali Empire most richest, powerful empire of the times. Mali Empire considered as an entrance of Islam. The trade among Mali , Spain, and Middle East countries open up African Muslims' minds towards Islam. It taught them how to think , talk,, and dressed like traditional Muslims.
The exact date of Mansa Musa is not really known. However, He died naturally,and was succeeded by his son Mansa Maghan.
After the death of Mansa Musa, his son , and other kings couldnt hold empire toghther like Mansa Musa which weaken the empire;so, the fall of Mali Empire began. However the roots of Islam became more strong, and more people converted to Islam.


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