Since 2004, I think I have only missed about two of these great annual events.

In those early years, there would be about 20,000 people filling the bottom tier alone. 2019 and the stadium was almost at capacity!

For fun, there would always be some who would streak around the top tier, and be chased by the Security Guards and Military Police.

Then came the public announcements that it would be an offence to do such things! Kill-joys!

I remember the first time I had the honour of teaching a class of soldiers and sailors, before "the ban" was lifted!

Of course, a number of these photos are from those I had taken in earlier years

The crowds have just grown and grown, from that 20K+ in 2004 to over 80K today, in 2019.


I met this soldier on Twickenham Station in 2013

I told him that I teach sexual health, and asked him to pose for a photo! He willingly consented! "But remember", I told him! ...

"Clever Dicks Do It In A Condom"

Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!

My tweet to South Western Railways

The road to Twickenham is paved with ... The Military!

My first attempt at a panoramic picture!

Ros Kemp, profiling the important and great work of Combat Stress, phone lines open 24/7

UK phone 0800 138 1619

Twitter @CombatStress

In the Scrum Bar, with serving and former QARANS sexual health nurses

Thanks to Dan (former QARANS) and a sexual health graduate at Greenwich, and his wife Amy, for getting me the ticket!
The bars closed at 13.30 sharp!

The bars were closed half an hour before kick off, so that everyone would be at their seats for The National Anthem

I think that's healthy enough :)

There's no other time like it for "God Save The Queen" than at Twickenham, full of Military and their admirers!

But it still can't beat Mae hen wlad fy nhadau at the Principality Stadium, and with the roof on!

I walked to the trains, for my journey home, via Whitton, passed Kneller Hall @Corpsarmymusic

A Military Police Officer saw me taking photos through the railings!
Dressed in a lot of black (and miniature cross of the OBE on my coat) he asked me if I was a "Padre".

Hahaha! I should have said "Well I was ordained as a Catholic priest a long time ago, but now I teach about sex!"

Such a shame the Royal Military School of Music is leaving Kneller Hall, after all this time.

A brilliant day's events, once again!

Thank you!

@ArmyvNavyRugby @ArmyRugbyUnion @RNrugby

@CombatStress @HelpForHeroes

Thanks for reading.

I'm Prof David Evans, OBE, NTF, @David_T_Evans, trying hard to learn Adobe Rush and Adobe Spark :)

Created By
David Evans


All photos and videos have been taken by me, some in 2013, 14, 15 & 19

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