Forgiving a friend by:Ben Margolis

It was about a month into the summer and it was July 20th, 2013. Me and my friend Carl were riding our bikes around the neighborhood and then we went to my house to hang out. So me and Carl worked on our summer homework together because we were having trouble with it.

After that Carl had told me that he needed to go home because my next door neighbor Aaron was staying over his house for the night. When he left my house he grabbed his bag and left. When he left it was around 8:00. Carl had just left and I was looking for my ipod. I left it on my desk in my room but it wasn’t there. I was thinking to myself if Carl had taken it but I knew that he was a good friend and wouldn’t do something like that.

Later on I could here the floor creaking it was my older sister coming into my room asking if she could borrow my ipod but then I told her that it was lost. She asked me how I lost it but I told her that I don’t know how I lost it, and that it was gone right when Carl had left the house. So then me and her started to look for it. After about a half hour we couldn’t find it.

So the next day after Aaron came back from Carl’s house I asked him if he saw anything that Carl had taken out of his bag.

Aaron said “ I saw him take out all of his summer homework that was finished, his phone, and an ipod.”

I told Aaron that me and him worked on our summer homework together. But I told him that the ipod was mine. Then I said to Aaron “Carl probably just made a mistake by taking it without knowing.” I went to Carl’s house and asked him about the ipod. He told me it was upstairs in his room.

So he went upstairs to get it and he showed it to me. It was blue with my name on the back of it. Carl told me that he forgot to give it back to me and put it in his backpack. Then he gave it back to me and told me how it got in his backpack.

Carl started his story with “When we were riding our bikes it had fallen out of my pocket so he picked it up and put it in his backpack.”

Then he said “When we had got back to your house I forgot that it was in my backpack and didn’t remember to give it back to you.”

So when he left he accidentally took it with him.

Carl said “When Aaron was over I took it out thinking that my phone was just in my backpack but it turns out that your ipod was in there with my homework to and I had forgotten to give it back to you when I was at your house.”

I forgave Carl and left to go tell Aaron that it was just a little mistake. But, when I forgave Carl I felt a lot better because once you forgive someone for what they did if it wasn’t that bad you feel better about it.

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