Door of Clubs: Empowering Millennials Kernard Jones

Within two year Door of Clubs has been able to bridge the gap between colligate clubs and businesses. Providing thousands of college students with business connections that has lead to job opportunities.

Within this report I will identify the challenges college students face within the United States to attain a job with their degree and point out way that Door of Clubs can effectively target this issue and ensure that Door of Clubs become a must have for Collegiate Clubs around the country.

Reports show that generation millennials are still low in the workplace. College students and graduates make up about 40 percent of the unemployed in the United States, according to the Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce.

Reports also show that by 2020, millennials will be an estimated 46 percent of the U.S. workers. However, with a increasing number of millennials, including college students and grads, entering into the workforce bring challenges that we must face head on. These challenges including a increasing number of student and grad students unemployment, lack of jobs, and increasing amount of student loan debt.

Despite numbers of high unemployment for young college students in the U.S., Door of Clubs can play a vital role in cutting that number in half and providing college students across the nation on every campus the opportunity to attain a better job suited toward their qualifications.

Door of Clubs needs to play a crucial role in empowering college clubs around the nation to reduce unemployment for young people and provide a new way forward for this generation.

Here are some ways in which Door of Clubs can help decrease the amount of young people that are out of work and become a must have within Colligate Clubs across the nation.

  1. Increase the spirit of entrepreneurship for students within the clubs. Door of Clubs should start challenging collegiate clubs to be innovative and big thinkers. Let's challenge young people in clubs to startup a company or create an app or research a cure that has never been thought of. And once they do it, then we should help them with finding investors to fund their venture. A great way to reach more clubs and students , is by allowing them to create something great and afterwards provide them the tools necessary to keep the project up float.
  2. Partner up with Local Businesses. College students usually tend to care a great deal about the community that their college is situated in, especially in urban areas. Due to them spending a lot of time off campus at local coffee shops, clubs, bars and restaurants. Partner with these companies to bring students and their clubs in.
  3. Connect clubs with businesses that share the same common goal. For example; political science clubs will be geared toward more governmental jobs. A humanitarian club will be geared toward 501 c organizations.
  4. Recruit Student Ambassadors. College students are always looking for part-time jobs. Hire a couple of student ambassadors to hand out samples at events and local campus hangouts.
  5. Launch an ambitious college campus tour. Rent a Rv and travel around the nation sharing testimonies, connecting with college clubs and promoting all the good that Door of Clubs is doing for students around the nation. This might cost a little, however, longterm this will be extremely beneficial.
  6. Help colleges increase their retention rate and graduation rate. Provide students within the clubs with an incentive to stay in college. Invest in providing more internship opportunities, create competitions between clubs that explore their innovative spirit, and provide more scholarships or ways to help pay back student loans.

Door of Clubs must continue to invest in young peoples curiosity. We must continue to invest in ideas, clubs, and companies that embrace the idea of racing for new frontiers and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We must continue to be advocates for the thousands of students who are apart of clubs that are doing great things within their community. If we do, I am hopeful that we will be ones that conquer unemployment for young people, solve the social problems of our time, and invent the things that will carry humans into a new century. And I am hopeful in 10 to 15 years a new generation will look at all that Door of Clubs was able to achieve, and they'll take a page from our book and write the next great chapter, emboldened to keep going where no one has gone before.

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