Most organizations don't possess "Ready-Now" Succession Candidates for many vital leadership positions. This is due to factors such as the wholesale adoption of Zero-Based-Budgeting (ZBB), Lean Delayering, the rapidly changing dynamics of positions & departments, as well as the relative ease of which executives can change companies today.

While some of these disruptive forces may look good on an annual 10-K report, there are dire unintended consequences.

Specifically, they leave most companies disadvantaged and at risk in the talent marketplace.

The Cost of Reactionism: According to the SHRM, the cost of reactively replacing Sr. Leaders is around 213% of their annual salary. A director who makes $100K will cost an estimated $213K based on lost production, cost to hire, cost of onboarding & training, cost of transition, & negative cultural impact.



Globally Connected Locally Committed

Best in class results are a given. At Hunt Executive Search we’re committed to providing our clients a deeply connected and engaged personal service experience. Our proprietary LeaderShift Architect® assures our ability to deliver the best talent and a competitive advantage.

Hunt Executive Search is focused on expertise in the consumer products industry and its functional verticals. We're in the marketplace every day; conducting dozens of executive searches which require us to engage with and database thousands of executives every month.

We have built and maintained a knowledge base of the entire consumer products industry inclusive of robust organization charts and bios of the most important organizations in the space over our 29-years of continuous service excellence.

In addition to the expertise born from our unmatched experience in the consumer products markets, we employ a significant Industry Engagement strategy that asserts us to the front and center of the market.

As the exclusive executive search member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Food Marketing Institute (FMI), National Association Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), Consumer Goods Forum and others, we present/speak at most of the key industry events, provide leadership on committees and engage with board members. Through our engagement, we have trusted relationships and meet hundreds of executives at our clients competitors as well as retail customers face to face, each and every year.

Our commitment to ongoing engagement with industry associations provides unrivaled access, and the ability to lead innovation as the talents & competencies required for success adapts to the ever-changing market demands.

Joe Hunt - Managing Partner, Hunt Executive Seach


The mission of Hunt Executive Search is to be our client’s preferred and preeminent provider of human resource solutions. Our success is a direct reflection of the superior service and results that we provide to our clients. We are devoted to helping our clients achieve their professional and financial goals.

Masterfully developed over the last 30 years, Hunt Executive Search's LeaderShift Architect® incorporates extensive scientific research along with real-world application to identify & quantify a candidate's aptitude for the key competencies required to succeed at any level, functional vertical, or industry.

The competencies and abilities we measure using the LeaderShift Architect® are proven to be significantly more reliable predictors of a candidate's potential to thrive in a new role over traditional metrics such as work history & education, while also providing quantifiable data to objectively evaluate candidates independent of personal biases.

LeaderShift® by the Numbers

  • Best-in-Class Results - 98% Search Completion Rate compared to the industry average of 66%
  • "Promotability" - 62% of the people we placed over the last 5 years were promoted or have expanded their scope of responsibility within their respective company.
  • Timely Execution - 55% of the time an offer and acceptance occurs in less than 60 days. 87% of the time an offer and acceptance occurs in under 90 days.
  • Industry leading Retention Rates - 95% retention after 24 months, 83% retention of at least 3 years.
  • Focus on Diversity - 100% Diversity Inclusion Rate. 44% Diversity Placement Rate.
Boutique Executive Search With Best-In-Class Global Network, Contacts & Market mastery.


Our research indicates 85% of N. American companies feel they lack clear succession plans, or the leaders in queue to fulfill those plans.


  • $5.7 Billion = The estimated amount lost by Fortune 500 companies annually due to inefficiencies in talent transitions.
  • $14 Billion = The money spent annually by N. American companies on talent development.
  • 4.4 Years = The average amount of time employees remain with one company.
  • $345,000* = The actual savings in year one by our first HELP Client. ($1.1m spent reduced to $755k.)

*This amount is based only on expenses saved from the previous year on talent acquisition fees and lost fees paid to other firms for failed searches. It does not factor in gains due to reduced time-to-fill or improved production.


With the Hunt Executive Leadership Pipeline (HELP), our proven recruitment solutions become the machine that drives businesses to rapidly acquire high performing talent, optimize their workforce and reduce operational costs and risks, while benefiting from unparalleled recruitment expertise.

Virtual Bench

The #1 benefit for your organization is the construction and maintenance of a Virtual Bench of ready-now "A" player candidates, whom are primed to hire whenever a need arises - be it from unexpected turnover or the identification of new business needs not being satisfied by internal candidates.

Upgrade Current Talent

While organizations never want to lose "A" players, the best organizations deploy "B" and "C" players as fast as possible in service of building an all "A" player team. HELP provides a constant flow of well vetted competitive talent organizations can interview and consider hiring with a current position in mind or on an exploratory basis.

Speed to Hire

HELP accelerates critical hires exponentially as clients have already reviewed and met ready-now candidates, specifically vetted and in alignment with their business needs and culture.

Improve/Enhance Employment Brand

HELP presents the client in the most favorable light and impresses the virtues of the client with every interaction of the hundreds of executives we talk to about our opportunity and process.


Candidates generated through HELP engagements are offered on an exclusive, first right of refusal basis to the client.

Improves Current Team Performance

Irrespective of whether a company has an opening, knowing the company is scouring the marketplace and constantly teeing up talent capable of replacing them inspires and motivates current team members to maximize personal performance.

Competitive & Market Insights

Gleaning competitive and market insights carries great value in and of itself. HELP affords your company the opportunity for significant ROI when you consider the information gathered as part of investing time in meeting with the top talent from competitive and tangential companies. Our process enables performance benchmarking and ideates best-in-class competitive insights. Competitive talent maps and org charts with bios, enable HR executives to further benchmark talent and compensation.


Many clients employ HELP in service of driving their Diversity & Inclusion efforts and goals.

Protected/Hands Off Status

Clients that engage HELP are provided the assurance we won't recruit any executives out of their organization. This benefit may have as much value as the talent companies hire through our partnership.

Opportunity Costs

HELP empowers clients to avoid many of the hidden opportunity costs attributed to flawed succession planning & failures to develop or retain "A-player" talent. Additionally, HELP can be leveraged to improve productivity. For example:

  • Holding on to "B" and "C" players in mission critical roles too long.
  • Vacated position being open for extended periods of time.
  • Undesirable turnover from people not getting promoted due to no viable back fill.
  • Increased executive performance due to knowing the company is constantly interviewing "ready-now talent" capable of replacing them.

LeaderShift Architect®

Using a company's existing human capital system & process, or collaborating to create a new or improved one, our LeaderShift Architect® tools and process helps individual departments or entire organizations standardize a common human capital system language and process with best-in-class tools and resources.

While we conduct expert in-depth interviews and forensic reference checks on the candidates we place, we also improve every hiring manager with whom we work by enhancing their ability to interview and select "A" player talent.


Clients engage us to maintain a Virtual Bench of ready-now talent for certain levels and/or roles they predict will need to be replaced or upgraded.


  • Hunt Executive Search conducts an initial Needs Assessment to generate an individualized strategic talent plan, identify goals, analyze fit prerequisites, & ensure alignment with Client's vision.
  • We source, select, & submit 3-5 well vetted candidates from a mutually agreed upon target source environment each month.
  • Submissions include bios with expanded write-ups, including org chart placement, compensation, motivation and additional variables.
  • Client interviews are coordinated with selected candidates.
  • Client hires, defers to virtual bench, or rejects candidates.
  • HELP offers 3, 6, and 12-month commitments that are renewable.


“Good Enough” is no longer good enough. The War for Talent is so competitive, those who remain reactive when talent needs arise waste precious time, money, and human capital to fill those urgent needs. Hunt Executive Search has perfected the “Better Way;” a way which doesn’t just react to urgent disasters, but prevents them by providing continued enlightenment of the talent market, the competitions strengths and weakness, and by stimulating competition and drive among your internal talent & leadership. This is how we "HELP."

Step 1 - Needs Assessment

No two clients are the same. We treat all of our partners to the same level of internal analysis, market comparison, & strategic planning. We work with you to ensure alignment on what your needs truly are.

Step 2 - Select a Plan

We mutually determine the appropriate level of service and generate an action plan inclusive of deliverables, and calendar.

Step 3 - Talent Scouting

Proactive Talent Scouting assures a best-in-industry organization, while continuous interviewing will drive high performance.

Step 4 - Building a Bench

Building & maintaining a Virtual Bench of “ready-now” hires has many benefits. We "HELP" you fill your Talent Pipeline to ensure there is a wealth of ‘A’ Players waiting on your bench.

Step 5 - Seamless Transitioning & Coaching

Once, you've identified a candidate who fits a need, we assist with everything needed to transition the candidate from prospect to employee including: Creation of Job Specification, Facilitation of the Interview Process, Presentation of Offer, & Candidate Resignation and On-boarding.

Not only do we provide you with our services and access to our extensive catalog of LeaderShift Architect® competency models, assessments, and interview tools, we also teach your internal talent team how to utilize these to improve your company’s ability to identify, develop, and retain your best high-potential talent.



  • Established Network of Talent
  • Engagement with Industry Associations
  • Exclusive Access to Diversity Talent


  • 75% of candidates recruited from targets
  • Attrition rate reduced by 50%
  • High potential placements promoted


  • Higher retention rates.
  • Increased promotion rates.
  • Increased diversity hires.


  • Coaching of Internal Talent Team
  • Prevention of Failed Searches
  • 50% improvement in clients’ Time-to-Fill


  • Competitive Organization Charts
  • Compensation benchmarking
  • Competitive strategies & initiatives


  • Proactive Talent Scouting
  • Continuous Interviewing
  • Maintain a Virtual Bench


It's quite common for a company's customers and industry relationships to refer unsolicited candidates to hiring managers. The HELP service includes the added benefit of the enabling assigned hiring manager(s) to simply refer unsolicited candidates that contact them to us for screening and assessment. This saves hiring managers valuable time, assures candidates a professional experience (and rejection when necessary), while rendering the hiring manager and company harmless.

Our passion to make a difference in the lives of our hiring managers, candidates and the countless stakeholders our services impact is the what drives us each and every day.


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