Castillo De San Marcos by abi

My favorite part of St. Augustine is the Castillo De San Marcos.When we first turn onto the street that the fort was on I was like wow!. I’m going to take you to the fort.Today i’m going to teach you about my time there,the forts rooms, and the view and the wall of the fort.

First, I was greeted by the nice, friendly tour guide Mrs. candy.She took use to the weakest part of the fort.Then we learned that they did not put water in the moat because there was a lot of people and their animals inside the fort.So they decided to put all the animals in the moat.One day the american were confused why the spanish did not have water in there moat.One day the american put water in the spanishes moat.And the forts rooms started to flood up.

Next,We went to each of the rooms.The first room we went to was where the Spanish soldiers slept.It was a long wooden slanted bed with a blanket and a pillow. It was not a comfy place to sleep but if i had to i would .There was also a fireplace with a pot hanging above the fire. Guess what that was their kitchen.

After that, Mrs.Candy took us to the place where all the cannons were fired.It also has the best view.You could see the St. Augustine lighthouse .The wall is made of coquinas shells.When the french came to the fort they started firing cannonballs at the fort and the cannonballs made holes.But instead of the spanish fighting back the Spanish went to Anastasia island and crashed coquina shells and mix some type of cement and put it in the cannonball holes.

My trip to St. Augustine was so fun.I enjoyed the Castillo De San Marcos. I learned a lot about the interesting history at the fort.I also thank my wonderful teacher for bringing me to experience the wonderful feeling of St. Augustine.

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