Chad is an 8 year veteran teacher. He holds two Master's degrees from Georgia Southern University. He has been at Statesboro High School for two years teaching the Audio, Video, Film, and Technology pathway. He is the newly appointed girls golf coach. (He is convinced he will play on the senior golf tour one day) He is married with 2 elementary age daughters. An avid reader with to many hobbies to list.

Jackson Beaulieu (pronounced like polio, only with a "b") is the most amazing person alive. He once saved a village in Malaysia from a pack a wildebeests. Jackson is a 16 year old junior at Statesboro High School. In his free time, Jackson fights criminals and saves the world. He is an athlete and enjoys any form of physical activity. Jackson also likes to read, sleep, stare into his cats eyes (don't ask), eat food, and watch Netflix. And if you believe most of this then he also has some ocean front property he will sell you in Oklahoma.

This is Alexis Bell. This is her Freshmen year of Highschool. She is a self proclaimed introvert, but loves reading and writing books. She wants to be an author of best selling mysteries when she grows up.

Say hello to Kiana Brown! A senior here at Statesboro High School. She moved from a big city to little ol’ Statesboro when at the tender age of 9. She's the youngest girl of 4. She likes recording and taking photos of almost anything! She has lots of hobbies. She says she can't cook or dance, but somehow always manages do them both alot. Mainly she just likes eating. While attending Statesboro High she has participated in SkillsUSA and Audio and Visual I II III. Oh, and her favorite color is yellow, just in case you were wondering.

This is Camille, a sophomore and editor for the student organizations page. She is involved in many organizations such as the anti-bullying club, FCCLA, math team, and drama. In her free time you can find her studying or on YouTube. When she is not doing any of that stuff you can find her listening to music, doing her hair, or shopping at Walmart. Her favorite color is pink and enjoys a good book.

She calls herself LaSha Fleming. 17 years old and born on May 24 , 2003 . She is considered a Gemini in the zodiac world . She thinks she is 5’5, but doesn’t really know. Her talents include singing and drawing, but gave up on the artist side of her. She enjoys singing, but really doesn’t do so in front of people unless she is really comfortable. Her thing is watching anime, and will binge watch a whole season. She does not care how much time she wastes on it. LaSha is a senior trying to stay on track to go to college, but hasn’t figured out what college she would like to go to. She seems to have an inkling of what she would like to study, but says it depends on her GPA. Last but not least crocs are her favorite thing to wear and will change up sometimes to VANS.

James is brand new this year at SHS. He went to LCMS for middle school. He moved here from South Korea , and is a very cheerful person. He has many hobbies, but one of his favorite hobbies is to play video games on the pc. He is just a simple guy that wants to have fun for the next 3 years at this school.

Caitlin Nadeau (nay-do) is a sophomore at Statesboro High School and the editor for the sports page on the Devil’s Advocate. She is on the sideline football and basketball cheer teams and loves sports! Having good grades is extremely important to her but she always knows when to put the books down and have a good time. She enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with friends in her free time.

Mycah is in 12th grade and is 17 years old. She enjoys painting, listening to music, and driving. When she's not at school she's probably at work at Zaxbys. In her off time she likes to watch tik tok,swim, and hang out with her friends. Her favorite food is Hawaiian pizza and celery with ranch. Her favorite drink is a vanilla cold brew from dunkin. :)

Samoria is a quiet, shy girl. Instead of fitting in, she loves to stand out, because her being the same is boring and just not her. Favorite things she does are being with the people she cares about, having fun, listening to music, and trusting her when she says it is never boring at her house. She hopes to be more than people tell her. And during this pandemic her motto is “Tryna be rona free, so stay 6 feet away from me.

Meet Ashauna Roberson. She is 14 years old with a September 15th birthday. Currently a ninth grader which makes her part of the class of 2024. She likes reading books and acting like a fool with her cousins in her spare time. She likes to read mafia books and romance books they are just interesting to me. Her favorite people in the world are family and cousins.

This is Jace with only half a face. A tenth grader this year who went to Langston Chapel for middle school. His favorite hobby is sleeping as much as possible. Also, according only to him, he is the coolest guy in Journalism, second only to Mr. Farrell (Please pass me). His current interest is learning to play electric guitar. Probably because he wants to impress the girls.

Meet Janariah Smith. She's 14 years old and her birthday falls on April 12th. That makes her a part of the class of 2024. Janariah loves dancing, hanging around her friends, and family in her spare time while she has fun. Also she loves to do cheer and gymnast stunts with others who're a part of the team. She looks up to her family and her friends with everything she does. Finally Janariah loves vibing to her own music and simply being in her own little world.

This is Ty , she's a freshman at Statesboro High. She likes to play basketball and volleyball. One day she hopes to be a grown up. She thinks she's tall mentally but physically she's not. And she's a smooth dude *guy with glasses emoji*

This is serenity, she doesn't like school, and she can fly at night. When she's home she likes to sleep and be on social media. It's as simple as that.