The civil Rights Timeline RMata_Civilrightstimeline

Jim Crow laws

The term "Jim Crow" originally referred to a black character in an old song, and was the name of a popular dance in the 1820s. Beginning in the 1880s, it saw wide usage as a reference to practices, laws or institutions that arise from or sanction the physical separation of black people from white people

All schools were segregated

Little Rock nine

The Little Rock Nine was a group of nine African American students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Their enrollment was followed by the Little Rock Crisis, in which the students were initially prevented from entering the racially segregated school by Orval Faubus, the Governor of Arkansas

Montgomery Bus Boycott

When Rosa Parks didn't want to give up her seat on a bus for a white person it started a protest with all African- Americans because they wanted to put her in jail so about a year and 3 months it cleared up

First: Separate carts when riding buses Middle: Segregated bus Last: Rosa Parks getting arrested for not giving up her seat

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