Launch Lab at Pomerado Elementary School Studio 701

A new way of learning has emerged in the Poway Unified School District. Through the Launch Lab, Pomerado Elementary School has implemented a way for students to expand their horizons on real world jobs and career pathways at an early age.

Students have the opportunity to take a survey to figure out their interests and strengths, so they can get an idea early on about what careers they might pursue.

Inside the lab, there are several stations, with a green screen, giant touchscreen TV, robots to code, laptops, and tables and flexible seating where students can collaborate. At any given moment, you can find students creating videos, practicing real world skills, designing marketing flyers, and planning out future projects. The work inside the Launch Lab is always related to what students are learning inside their classrooms.

Students filmed a commercial to create an advertisement for a product they created.

Elementary School curriculum has changed significantly in recent years, and the Launch Lab helps bring it to life. Every grade at Pomerado has access to this amazing resource, and can benefit from hands-on exploration of strengths and skills.

Communication and interaction is highly encouraged in this environment. Based on their strengths, students are able to express their talents and explore job opportunities such as film and art, entrepreneurship, coding, design prototyping and social media for the future.
The Studio 701 interns worked hard to capture the impressive accomplishments and educational advancements in the PUSD school system. The interns also took time out to speak to 4th and 5th graders about a career in digital media and TV and film production. You can watch their completed video below.
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